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SCH6600 - 6699

SCH6600 Default ESCALATE has to be smaller than current SUPPRESSION. 
SCH6601 The ALRM_FILTER package is restricted.
Action: The requested action is denied. 
SCH6602 System Event List is empty.
Action: None. Events cannot be printed. 
SCH6605 Duplicate event. 
SCH6606 Escalate must be less than suppress. 
SCH6607 Event not in Event Preference Table.
SCH6608 Invalid escalate. 
SCH6609 Invalid event id. 
SCH6610 Invalid new size; out of valid range. 
SCH6611 Invalid severity. 
SCH6612 Log resize aborted. 
SCH6613 Log resize failed. 
SCH6614 Missing event id. 
SCH6615 New suppress threshold is out of valid range. 
SCH6616 Suppress must be greater than the maximum escalate value in the event preference table (EPT). 
SCH6617 Timer value is out of valid range. 
SCH6618 Event Preference Table (EPT) is full. 
SCH6619 Call Park data block number out of range. The valid range is 1-5.
Action: Enter valid input. 
SCH6621 Trying to change/out/print a data block that does not exist.
Action: Enter a Call Park Block that is defined in the customer database. 
SCH6622 Mutually exclusive supervision types entered. 
SCH6623 Must create data block 0 before creating other data blocks. 
SCH6624 Must delete/out other data blocks before deleting/out data block 0.
Action: Remove all the Secondary Call Park Blocks first. 
SCH6625 Invalid input. For card 0, units 0-7 must all be of the same type and units 8-15 must all be of the same type. 
SCH6626 Invalid input. For card 0, the valid unit range for MFC/MFE/MFK5/MFK6/MFR units is 8-11. 
SCH6627 ARDL package is not equipped (Overlay 11, 16, 81). 
SCH6628 ARDL feature is not allowed for SL-1 and ARIES sets only (Overlay 11). 
SCH6634 This DN cannot be used as it would create an illegal multiple appearance of the data DN of a dynamic voice/data TN. 
SCH6635 DTM key could not assigned with current set configuration. The DTM key has been removed. 
SCH6636 Only one DTM key is allowed per TN. 
SCH6638 PGND/PGNA is not a valid input. The PAGENET package is not equipped.
Action: Contact your technical support group for correct package configuration. 
SCH6639 PTU Package not equipped.
Action: Equip PTU package and reload if PTU package is required. 
SCH6640 Cannot change agent ID mode (AID) to "no" if MQA option is enabled. MQA option must be disabled first. 
SCH6641 Cannot remove an ADS block if the MQA option is enabled first, which requires the MAX HSL to be disabled. 
SCH6642 The MQA option cannot be changed ("yes" to "no" or "no" to "yes") if the High Speed is up. 
SCH6643 The Report Control Option cannot be disabled if MQA agents belong to the queue. 
SCH6644 An MQA agent has logged into this queue since the Report Control option (RPRT) was changed. Since this option cannot be disabled when MQA agents are serving the queue, the option is reset to its original value ("yes"). 
SCH6645 Only one ADS block per system can have MQA enabled. 
SCH6646 A pilot DN of USE=SLCU (Speed Call List User) cannot be a member of the Speed Call list it accesses.
SCH6647 The ACD DN specified is not compatible with MQA. Specifically, one of the following is true for the ACD DN specified: IVMS, IMS, IVR, or DAL is enabled, or RPRT is disabled. This message is just a warning. The ACD DN specified will be assigned to the agent, but the agent set can no longer be an MQA ACD agent. 
SCH6649 Cause: VNS DN ALREADY DEFINED the response cannot be accepted because at least one VDN is already defined in another VDN block, Impact: the response is not accepted and VNDN is prompted again. Output data: no output data.
Action: Check which VDNs are already defined and configure blocks of DNs without them. 
SCH6650 Missing FNET L/W/ from disk. 
SCH6651 Missing FPEC L/W from disk. 
SCH6652 The superloop specified is not configured as a Fiber Remote superloop. 
SCH6653 TN on Phantom DTI2 loop must be TIE or DID.
Action: Restart LD 14 and answer TIE to the prompt TYPE, or answer the prompt TN by choosing a loop which is not defined as a Phantom DTI2 loop. 
SCH6654 Cannot move a TN located on a Phantom DTI2 loop.
Action: Restart the LD14 and answer NEW to the prompt REQ, or answer the prompt TN by choosing a loop which is not defined as a Phantom DTI2 loop. 
SCH6655 n Error during the ISPC trunk configuration.
Where n = the error cause:
1. ISPC Reference number already exists. In Overlay 14, in answer to the prompt SREF, an ISPC reference number which is already configured for the system, is not allowed.
2. The trunk must be a TIE trunk.
3. The trunk must be configured with the DTN class of service.
4. Data corruption with the route pointer.
5. The route is not an ISL route.
6. The trunk is not a DID trunk.
7. The route is not configured with DSEL=DTA.
8. The route must not be an ISL route.
9. The route is not configured with DLTN=YES
10. The route is not configured as incoming.
11. The route is not configured with PRDL=BSY
12. The route is not configured with DTD=YES
13. The route is not configured as outgoing.
14. The route is not configured with NEDC+ETH
15. The route is not configured with FEDC=ETH
16. The route is not configured with CPDC=NO
17. DDD_PACKAGE is restricted.
Action: Check the validity of the SPC reference number provided by the telecommunication administration. 
SCH6656 The ISPC package 313 is mandatory to configure a Phantom DTI2 loop.
Action: Enable the ISPC Package 313 and reload the PBX if Phantom DTI2 loop is required. 
SCH6657 You are not allowed to create more than one TN at the time on a Phantom DTI2 loop.
Action: To configure more than one TN on a Phantom DT12 loop, complete the command sequence in LD 14 for each additional TN. 
SCH6658 Service change is not allowed on unit currently involved in a Broadcast call. 
SCH6659 CLID entry no defined for the customer. 
SCH6660 Service change is not allowed on this TN since it is currently pending for this application Login or logout event. 
SCH6661 Request to create a DISA block for the customer is not allowed. The customer already has 240 DISA Blocks defined. 
SCH6662 This set type cannot have the FLXA class of service. 
SCH6663 A DTM key cannot be on key 00. 
SCH6664 The FLXA class of service is required for a voice TN on a high unit or a data TN on a low unit. 
SCH6665 The VDN block does not exist. In overlay 79, the VDN entered at the prompt VNDN is not accepted when the request is OUT, DIS, or ENL.
Action: Enter a correct value, which must be the first VDN of an existing VDN block. 
SCH6666 The maximum number of VDN’s for a customer has been exceeded. The FLXA class of service is required for a voice TN on a high unit or a data TN on a low unit.
Action: Re-enter a number for your VDN block which does not exceed your customer limit. 
SCH6667 The change is not accepted because VNS calls are still using this D-channel.
Action: All calls using this D-channel must be cleared before VNS parameters of the D-channel can be modified. 
SCH6668 Card 0 not supported in this overlay. 
SCH6669 WARNING: New MFC/MFE/MFK5/MFK6 units on Card 0 can only be enabled by ENLX in LD 34.
Action: After configuration of these units, go into LD 34 and perform ENLX 0. 
SCH6670 QSIGGF package is restricted. 
SCH6672 Master Mode package is restricted. 
SCH6678 Supervised DIDs: JDID requires Japan Trunk Package (97), loop start signalling and XUTJ pack. 
SCH6679 Warning: The prime key does not have any of the following functions: SCR, MCR, SCN, MCN, ACD. The model is invalid for Automatic Set installation. 
SCH6680 Only JDID and BTS CLS are allowed for Loopstart DID trunks. 
SCH6681 CPK is not a legal response because the release ID at the far end is below rls22 or the interface type of the D-channnel is not SL1.
Action: Change the release ID or change the interface type. 
SCH6682 CPK is not a legal response because the package, CPRKNET, is not equipped.
Action: CHNge the package restriction. 
SCH6683 The position ID cannot be changed while this agent is acquired. 
SCH6684 This DN cannot be used with a DTM key as it is already in use. 
SCH6685 NAC is not a valid RCAP; BRI route IFC configuration is not SL1. 
SCH6686 RCAP is changed to XNAC due to incompatible IFC configuration. 
SCH6687 NAC is not a valid RCAP. The D-channel IFC configuration is not SL1; or RLS configuration is less than 22. 
SCH6688 RCAP is changed to XNAC due to incompatible RLS configuration. 
SCH6689 Customer option is changed to CPD due to Call Park database memory allocation problem. 
SCH6690 FLXA class of service is allowed only on Aries sets connected to XDLC cards. 
SCH6691 The associated DSLs must be removed before changing the BRIT route interface type to ISGF or ESGF. 
SCH6692 x1 x1 = % Invalid input when the MMCS package is not equipped. 
SCH6693 x2 x2 = % DTIM should be defined to have PRDL=DNIS 
SCH6694 x3 x3 = % The route is not DNIS. 
SCH6695 x4 x4 = % Invalid entry for FDG, FEX and WATS routes. 
SCH6696 x5 (x5 = % INDI + NDGT) greater than or equal to 31 is not acceptable for autoterminate routes.
SCH6697 x6 x6 = % DTIM only supported for DID, TIE or IDA trunks. 
SCH6698 There is a conflict in the configuration of RCAP and NASA, i.e. if RCAP’s CPK is set, then NASA is not allowed to be defined as "NO".
Action: Change either configuration as needed. 
SCH6699 CAB number out of range.
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