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SCH6500 - 6599

SCH6504 Illegal billing number length change.
Action: If length is changed, a new billing number is required. 
SCH6505 FFC and NFCR package/packages must be equipped. 
SCH6507 CDTI2 prompt was answered with YES but this causes some discrepancy - the type of adjacent loop on the same common equipment shelf’s card slot is unsuitable (it may be only DTI2 or undefined). CDTI2 is reprompted. This case is not relevant for Option 11.
Action: DCE1 is reprompted. Check the adjacent loop type (by CFN printing inLD 22) and, perhaps, precise loop definitions in LD 17. 
SCH6508 An attempt to define an unsuitable loop on the common equipment shelf’s card slot, on which there is already a CIS DTI or CDTI2 card defined.
Action: The second loop to be defined on such a card slot must be DT12 only. 
SCH6509 cnty Invalid IFC/CNTY combination. This message may indicate that a user has entered an APISDN CNTY for EURO IFC, or an EURO CNTY for the APISDN IFC. 
SCH6510 The Collect Call Blocking (CCB) package 290 is not enabled.
Action: Equip CCB package and reload if CCB is required. 
SCH6511 Route changed to OGT. CCB is set to NO. 
SCH6512 Route type changed to ICT. CCBA is set to NO. 
SCH6514 NFCR must = YES in the customer data block. 
SCH6515 At attempt to define a digital trunk on CDTI2 with CISFW = YES in a route which is neither ICOG = OGT (and TYPE = COT) nor ICOG = ICT (and TKTP=DID).
Action: Check the route data block definition and change it if necessary in LDs 21 and 16. 
SCH6516 An attempt to define SIGL = CIS in LD 14 for analog trunk on IPE CIS three wire trunks card in the route which is neither ICOG = OGT nor ICOG = ICT (and TYPE = DID).
Action: Check the route data block definition and change it if necessary by LDs 21 and 16.
SCH6517 An attempt to define a signaling related CLS’s other than DIP/DIPF in LD 14 for a digital trunk on CDTI2/CSDTI2 with CISFW= YES.
Action: Enter CLS = DIP / DIPF or check CDTI2 prompt in LD 73 for given loop. 
SCH6518 P METR (R) prompt in LD 73 was not answered with "N" for loop on CDT12/ CSDT12 card (CDTI2 = YES). P METR (R) is reprompted until the "N" answer will be entered. Note that "carriage return" entering in this case is allowed only if P METR (R) = N was already defined earlier.
Action: Enter the "N’ or check definition for prompt CDTI2. 
SCH6520 Valid BTD Table is in the range from 0 to 7.
Action: Enter a number from 0 to 7. 
SCH6521 Valid Cadence Phase length is in the range from 0 to 1500 milliseconds.
Action: Enter a number from 0 to 1500 
SCH6522 Two BTD Phases must be entered to describe the cadence.
Action: Enter values for two phases. 
SCH6523 If the first BCAD phase is 0, both phases must be 0.
Action: Enter 0 for both phases. 
SCH6524 BTD package must be equipped.
Action: Add Busy Tone Detection Tone (BTD) package 294. 
SCH6525 BTD table 0 cannot be removed 
SCH6526 BTD table must be defined in Overlay 97 
SCH6527 Required BTD table does not exist.
Action: Check if the correct BTD number has been entered. 
SCH6528 NI2 is entered at the IFC prompt in LD 16 or LD 17. However, North America National ISDN Class II Equipment (N12) package 291 is not equipped.
Action: Equip package 291 and reload if NI2 Primary Rate Interface is required. 
SCH6529 Digital Trunk Type (DGTP) must be PRI for NI2 interface. 
SCH6533 DN is already defined.
Action: The PINX DN should be a nonexisting DN selected in the customer’s numbering plan.
SCH6534 The Speed Call list specified is not defined.
Action: Define the Speed Call list in LD 18 or input an existing Speed Call list number.
SCH6535 BAT/ARF/LBS STYP requires an XCOT.
SCH6536 The response TAT is not allowed if Trunk Antitromboning (TAT) package 312 is not equipped. RCAP is reprompted.
Action: Equip Package 312 and reload to enter TAT feature. 
SCH6537 The response TAT is allowed for only D100 / SL-1 / S100 / D250 and Release 21 or higher for SL-1.
Action: Check the IFC and RLS prompts. 
SCH6538 The response TAT is not allowed when VTRO =YES.
Action: In LD 17, set VTRO = NO 
SCH6539 The response TAT is not allowed if at least one route associated with this Dchannel has TRO option on.
Action: In LD 16, turn off TRO options in all routes associated with this Dchannel. 
SCH6540 The response TRO is not allowed if the D-channel associated with this route has TAT set in RCAP
Action: In LD 17, set XTAT in RCAP of the associated D-channel configuration. 
SCH6541 MFC on 1.5 Mb/s DTI is not supported. 
SCH6542 ADL feature must be equipped for BNRA Class of Service. Class of Service is changed to BNRD. 
SCH6543 FFC or ADL package(s) must be equipped. 
SCH6544 Two-star (**) and/or four-star (****) abort is not allowed during the critical sessions of adding (NEW), changing (CHG) or deleting (OUT) the data.
Action: To abort the session, enter carriage return for each prompt except SLV3 and SLV6 prompts. For SLV3 and SLV6 prompts, enter NXX and SUB responses respectively. 
SCH6545 VTRO is not allowed if TAT is set in the RCAP
Action: In LD 17, set XTAT in RCAP of the associated D-channel configuration.
SCH6546 Route and member are not allowed if this route has TRO and the associated Dchannel has TAT set in the RCAP
Action: In LD 16 turn off TRO or in LD 17, set XTAT in RCAP
SCH6547 TRO or TAT ios not allowed if TAT package 293 is not equipped. 
SCH6548 Invalid Privacy Indicator entered for DTPI or DPPI prompt. 
SCH6549 CLBA/CLBD is not allowed if Calling Party Privacy (CCP) package 301 is not equipped. 
SCH6550 CPNW list already exists for this customer 
SCH6551 CPNW list does not exist for this customer 
SCH6552 ISDN package 145 is needed for CPNW feature 
SCH6553 Warning: Adjacent loop is a DTI2 loop defined as being on a CDTI2 card. This loop must be defined in LD 73 as CDTI2=YES or the adjacent loop must be changed to CDTI2=NO. 
SCH6554 Warning: Adjacent loop is DTI2 loop with CDTI2 prompt defined differently from this loop. Such a discrepancy must be removed by defining the same CDTI2 value for the adjacent loop. 
SCH6575 .REMOTE_IPE_I is not equipped. 
SCH6576 Missing LCRI S/W from disk. 
SCH6577 Cannot change SUPT in the defined superloop. 
SCH6578 File I/O: error string - database access error. 
SCH6579 Conf: error string - configuration error. 
SCH6583 China Attendant Monitor Package (CHINA) package 285 is not equipped. Options AMA/AMD/TOA/TOD cannot be entered in LD 15.
Action: Equip package 285 and re-load if Attendant Monitor is required. 
SCH6592 Warning: Table has been removed. Using Overlay 20, ensure that this BTD table is not assigned to any trunk card.
Action: Print out blocks using Overlay 20 and check BTDT number. 
SCH6593 BTS is not supported on Japan trunks and is no longer required. 
SCH6594 BTS is only supported on CO trunks with loopstart signalling. 
SCH6595 IFC type and Loop type mismatch. This message may indicate that a user has entered a PRI loop as DCHL for a PRI2 IFC, or visa-versa. 
SCH6596 When updating SDID tree after the change in the IDC tree, a SDID tree branch is found missing, which indicates there was an inconsistency between the SDID and the IDC tree.
Action: Process as normal. The inconsistency is removed automatically.
SCH6597 Invalid input for NATP.
Action: 1. Enter YES for North American Transmission Plan.
2. Enter NO for other transmission plans. 
SCH6598 FLEN must not be less than the length of the longest SDRR plus the length of the SPN.
SCH6599 Suppress has to be greater than ESCALATE.
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