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SCH6400 - 6499

SCH6400 XOPS can only be configured on XOPS card or unconfigured card. This is due to wiring differences between XOPS and other analog line cards. 
SCH6401 Companding law chosen in INTN prompt to download to Peripheral Equipment in LD 97 is different from the PCML setting in the configuration record in LD 17. 
SCH6402 This NTN does not associate to the PVC MPH. 
SCH6403 The SCDR package is not equipped. 
SCH6404 No other user types can be entered with MTC while XSM is yes.
Action: Due to the XSM hardware requirement, remove the XSM TTY configuration before you configure new users. 
SCH6405 Class of service only valid for WRLS=YES.
Action: Change WRLS to YES. 
SCH6406 WRLS only available on superloop (IPE) shelf.
Action: Make sure that the CMRC and/or CMCC are on an IPE shelf. 
SCH6407 CLS DTN must be used if WRLS=YES.
Action: Change CLS to DTN. 
SCH6409 A protocol engine active (inactive) interface type is only allowed to be changed to another protocol engine inactive (active) interface type only if there is no DSL associated with the route (Overlay 16). 
SCH6410 The route entered for BRIE APPL must have the protocol engine active; the route entered for BRIT APPL shouldn’t have the protocol engine active (Overlay 27). 
SCH6411 MPH application doesn’t co-exist any other applications in a MISP card (Overlay 27). 
SCH6412 The new MISP for this card does not have BRIE configured, but there is a BRIE DSL on this card (Overlay 27). 
SCH6413 Cannot have IPE shelf with BRSC and trunk DSLs. When command is NEW BRSC, TN of Line Card with Trunk DSLs is printed. When command is NEW DSL, TN of BRSC is printed (Overlay 27). 
SCH6414 ITNA option cannot be disabled when DGRP is defined. 
SCH6415 DGRP is out-of-range. Valid DGRP is from 1-5. 
SCH6416 Last AST key cannot be deleted when ITNA=YES. 
SCH6417 ITNA option must be enabled and DGRP must be defined if a TN is configured on a BCS phantom loop. 
SCH6418 ITNA option is not supported for an ACD agent or supervisor. 
SCH6419 A BCS TN with ITNA=YES is not allowed to be copied to another TN. 
SCH6420 Only BCS TN can be configured on BCS Phantom Loop via Overlay 11. 
SCH6426 The Call Forward external allow/deny is only allowed for ETSI and NT-1 protocol. 
SCH6427 Invalid supplementary feature. 
SCH6428 Cannot delete this Call Forwarding unconditional service because it is activated now. 
SCH6429 Cannot subscribe Call Forwarding unconditional for this call type because DN does not subscribe this call type. 
SCH6430 ACD Agent or Supervisor cannot be configured on a BCS Phantom Loop. 
SCH6431 Data block cannot be moved or swapped because either the source or the destination loop is BCS phantom loop. 
SCH6432 CSL package is not equipped. 
SCH6433 Standalone Mail Package is not equipped. 
SCH6434 Could not add Standalone Meridian Mail server TN to server table. 
SCH6435 Supplementary service is not defined in the database. 
SCH6436 Invalid supplementary service. 
SCH6437 There are supplementary services defined in the TSP (s) of this DSL. 
SCH6439 To enable force, set RTQT to 0. To enable RTQT, set force to no. 
SCH6440 Can only create phantom superloops on vacant superloops. 
SCH6441 Cannot change an existing phantom superloop since there is no data associated to a phantom superloop to be changed. 
SCH6442 SBR package 281 is required. 
SCH6443 Must have SBRA Class of Service defined. 
SCH6450 3wt requires DID trunk type. 
SCH6451 Reminder: The lampaudit has been turned off. The message will be printed once every hour until the lampaudit is turned on. 
SCH6453 VNS information still used, cannot be removed. 
SCH6454 PSP not allowed for an XUT or EXUT. 
SCH6455 BAT/ARF/LBS were entered at the same time. 
SCH6456 PIP/PSP/BST STYP entered for an XCOT. 
SCH6457 BBTS is not supported by this card type. 
SCH6458 JCO was entered for a trunk that was not configured as a loop start, an XUT/ EXUT, or the Japan Central Office Trunks (JPN) package 97 was not enabled. 
SCH6459 No parameters entered for SYTP when SUPN was changed from NO to YES. 
SCH6460 Warning: An SCPW must be defined for this set. 
SCH6461 The ADMINSET package must be equipped. 
SCH6462 Service not allowed for this set type. 
SCH6463 Invalid character.
Action: SBA passwords must consist of digits only. 
SCH6464 At least one option must be allowed. 
SCH6465 Option not allowed for this access level. 
SCH6466 Warning: Disallowed Installer level options have been cleared. 
SCH6467 DRA is only allowed for DTI2 routes (DGTP=DTI2 in LD 16)
SCH6469 Warning: Equal Access toll call restriction was specified for this route, but no Equal Access toll calls were restricted.
Action: Either set EQAR to NO, or set on of the Equal Access toll call sequences to Deny (NTOL or ITOL). 
SCH6470 Cannot OUT this customer because CPG Level Services is defined.
Action: Multi-Tenant Service with CPG Level Services defined must first be removed via Overlay 93. (REQ=OUT, TYPE=TENS, CUST=customer number) 
SCH6471 No trailing blanks/spaces can be entered after the DN.
Action: Re-enter the DN correctly followed by carriage return. 
SCH6472 Cannot OUT this customer because Multi-Tenant is defined.
Action: Multi-Tenant Service must first be removed via Overlay 93. (REQ=OUT, TYPE=TENS, CUST=customer number) 
SCH6473 Cannot access the MARP TN for the current "MARP on TN l s c u" message when adding or changing a DN.
Action: Check the DN block and try the DN change again later. 
SCH6474 This TYPE not allowed a repeat count for NEW input. 
SCH6475 WARNING: The route being removed is the recorder route for Malicious Call Trace. Removing this route will cause the recorder to not be conferenced into the call when Malicious Call Trace is activated (unless a new recorder route is defined and MCRT in Overlay 15 is changed).
Action: Define a new recorder route and redefine MCRT in LD 15, or set RECD to NO in LD 15. 
SCH6476 WARNING: A Carriage Return has been entered for MCRT, but the route is not a recorder route or has no trunks defined.
Action: Enter a valid recorder route at MCRT or set RECD to NO. 
SCH6477 Events: BRI Supplementary Service is using this CallType.
Action: Delete the BRI Supplementary Service that is using this CallType in this DN before CallType can be changed. 
SCH6478 AHNT DN can be defined only if CLS = RTDA, RBDA or RBHA.
Action: Define CLS RTDA, RBDA, or RBHA before defining AHNT. 
SCH6479 AEHT DN can be defined only if CLS = CFTA and at least one of RTDA or RBDA or RBHA.
Action: Define CLS = CFTA and at least one of RTDA or RBDA or RBHA before defining AEHT.
SCH6480 You cannot configure a CHG key without the Charge Account for CDR (CHG) package 23.
SCH6481 The card density of the source card (TN) and the destination card (TOTN) are different. The density of the destination card is used for the unit being moved. 
SCH6482 CIST package 221 should be equipped. (Used for CLS = DNAA or DNAD, when package is not equipped).
Action: Equip CIST package 221 or choose another answer. 
SCH6483 The number of M1 CT2 Mobility TNs in the system exceeded the number defined in the tape directory. 
SCH6484 May not remove ACD DN when DN still exists on some supervisor’s NSVC key. 
SCH6486 AFD can be defined only if CLS = RTDA or RBDA or RBHA.
Action: Define CLS RTDA or RBDA or RBHA before defining AFD. 
SCH6487 AEFD DN can be defined only if CLS = CFTA and at least one of RTDA or RBDA or RBHA.
Action: Define CLS = CFTA RTDA, or RDBA, or RBHA before defining AEFD. 
SCH6488 If CLS = HTA and RTDA or RBDA or RBHA then AHNT must be defined.
Action: Define AHNT for the TN. 
SCH6489 If CLS = HTA CFTA and any one of RTDA or RBDA or RBHA then AEHT must be defined.
Action: Define AEHT for the TN. 
SCH6490 Cannot use "X" to delete AFD/AHNT/AEFD/AEHT DN.
Action: Change to CLS RTDD to remove AFD/AHNT/AEFD/AEHT. 
SCH6491 Start minute or end/hour/minute for alternate time option not defined.
Action: Define all 4 fields that include the start hour, minute, and hour and end minute for the CRT x prompt. 
SCH6494 List number already defined as Group Hunt list. 
SCH6495 Warning: 0 means the Station Control Passwords will no longer be required for User Level Access to Set Based Administration 
SCH6496 Overlay 35 is no longer supported for this machine type.
Action: Replace Overlay 35 with Overlay 135. 
SCH6497 TYPE = PWR only allowed for REQ=NEW or OUT. 
SCH6498 PVR, PVN do not allow multiple appearance DN.
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