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SCH6100 - 6199

SCH6100 Failed TN TRANS. 
SCH6101 Protected loop pointer is NIL. 
SCH6102 Not a valid PRI loop. 
SCH6103 Either that channel is already used, or it is not a Packet Data channel. 
SCH6104 The route is not configured for Packet Data. 
SCH6105 Not configured for TCON. 
SCH6106 The outgoing TN is the same as the incoming TN. 
SCH6107 The system nailed-up list is full. 
SCH6108 The BRI application running on this MISP can only support 3 line cards. 
SCH6109 There is more than 1 B-channel configured in the system. Non-dedicated Meridian Packet Handlers can only support 1 B-channel interface. 
SCH6110 Cannot change this MISP to a dedicated MPH because there is (are) line card(s) associated with it. 
SCH6115 The new MISP cannot accommodate all D-channel numbers from the associated line card. 
SCH6116 The new MISP has different characteristics than the old MISP.
Action: Check DPSD and MPHC prompts. 
SCH6117 The dedicated MPH can not associated with any line card(s). 
SCH6118 PVC connection exists. 
SCH6119 DNAT database download failed. 
SCH6120 This LCN has been used. 
SCH6121 CHG request is not allowed for PVC connection. 
SCH6122 This LCN is not defined for the associated TSP. 
SCH6123 PVC download failed. 
SCH6124 MPH maintenance D-channel time slot request failed. 
SCH6125 B-channel TN cannot be located in MPH block. 
SCH6126 Free B-channel slot cannot be located in MPH block. 
SCH6127 Cannot change the MPH loop because TSP still associated with this MPH. 
SCH6128 Cannot get NWIF state. 
SCH6129 MPH maintenance network interface time slot request failed. 
SCH6130 Previous B-channel must be disabled in order to change. 
SCH6131 Warning: All active calls that use the changed X25P group will be dropped. 
SCH6132 Failed to send Customer Data Block Call Data Recording message. 
SCH6133 MPH interface database download failed. 
SCH6134 Send MPH TSP disable message failed. 
SCH6135 MPH maintenance B channel interface change state failed. 
SCH6136 Cannot change the TSP terminal type because the MPH DNIC are not the same. 
SCH6137 The MPH is configured with more than 3 dedicated connections with BRSC and/or MISP. 
SCH6138 The associated BRSC is not set up for D-channel packet data with MPH. 
SCH6139 The associated MISP is not set up for D-channel packet data with MPH. 
SCH6140 Cannot find SAPI16 TN in the MPH loop block. 
SCH6141 All keys on the MCU are removed when MPHI is changed to YES. 
SCH6155 Cannot configure BRSC on this IPE shelf because the total number of DPSD TSPs on this shelf will exceed the limit that an MPH can handle.
Action: Delete some DPSD TSPs first. 
SCH6156 Cannot associate the BRSC with this MPH because the total number of DPSD TSPs the MPH will handle will exceed the limit.
Action: Delete some DPSD TSPs first or use another MPH. 
SCH6157 Cannot NEW/CHG DSL or TSP of this ISDN BRI line card because it has no MISP/BRSC association.
Action: Configure a BRSC in the IPE shelf or perform a CHG CARD command to associate the line card with a MISP first. 
SCH6158 User type FIL excludes MTC, SCH, BUG, and CSC User types.
Action: Remove the conflicting user types before configuring FIL. 
SCH6161 Using CHG or MOV command is not permitted when the application type is DPNSS.
Action: Use LD 74 to modify any DPNSS protocol or transmission parameter 
SCH6162 This logical port number is already used by another DPNSS1, DASS2 or APNSS link defined with a non MSDL card.
Action: Find a vacant logical port number. 
SCH6163 This DPNSS logical port number does not exist.
SCH6164 DTSL data structures still exist. Remove the DTSL data structures in LD 74 
SCH6166 There is no digital trunk output buffer defined.
Action: Load LD 17 and define the number of digital trunk output buffers. Initialize the system to effect the change. 
SCH6167 The following hardware modifications cannot be done by using this command:
Action: Remove the existing data structures and reconfigure the link with the desired hardware type. 
SCH6168 This logical port number (dpnss link number) has not been defined in LD 74.
Action: Define a DPNSS logical port number in LD 17 
SCH6169 The DPNSS link number entered is already used by a DPNSS link on a non- MSDL card.
Action: Change the link number to a vacant one. 
SCH6174 The TN is currently being used as a Call Waiting Notification TN, and therefore CWND Class of Service is not allowed. 
SCH6177 TDN or VOD can only be selected for PRI. 
SCH6178 Feature is not defined in TSP (FEATID) database. 
SCH6179 Feature input is invalid or not recognized. 
SCH6180 No FA/FI IDs input. 
SCH6181 Feature ID is out-of-range. 
SCH6182 FI ID input conflicts with FI ID of another feature. 
SCH6183 FA ID input conflicts with FA ID of another feature. 
SCH6184 Warning: the feature input is already defined in the database. The input FA/FI IDs will overwrite the existing FA/FI IDs for the feature. 
SCH6185 Wrong number of input fields. Only two or three input fields are expected. 
SCH6186 Invalid Protocol ID. 
SCH6187 There are Feature IDs defined in the TSP(s) of this DSL.
Action: Delete the Feature IDs before changing the Protocol ID to other protocols. 
SCH6191 BRSC card TN cannot be 0.
Action: Configure the BRSC at slot 1 to 15 of loop 0 shelf 0. 
SCH6193 Application(s) are not configured on the MISP.
Action: Select an MISP with the application or configure the MISP with the application. 
SCH6194 Invalid LTID: LTG and LTN cannot be both 0.
Action: Re-enter with LTG or LTN greater than 0. 
SCH6195 BRSC-MPH interface must be disabled first.
Action: Disable the SAPI16 interface between the BRSC and the MPH MISP in LD 32. 
SCH6196 Cannot add or change the card type UILC because there are 8 UILCs configured on this IPE shelf already.
Action: Configure the card as SILC, or put it in another shelf. 
SCH6197 Cannot add or change the card type SILC because there are 15 SILCs configured on this IPE shelf already.
Action: Configure the card as UILC, or put it in another shelf. 
SCH6198 Cannot Move or Swap a BRSC card.
Action: Enter an appropriate TN. 
SCH6199 BRSC card is not EI & USI allowed for this command.
Action: Enter an appropriate TN.
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