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SCH6000 - 6099

SCH6000 NTN is not associated with a TSP. 
SCH6001 This LCN is not within the PVC range defined for the MPH network interface.
Action: Check the range again and re-enter an available LCN. 
SCH6002 The network interface is not configured for this MPH. 
SCH6003 Not a MPH loop. 
SCH6004 PVC connection does not exist. 
SCH6005 Cannot remove this MISP because there is a PVC associated with it. 
SCH6006 The PVC connection is enabled only if the associated TSPs and network interfaces are enabled. 
SCH6008 The DNIC of the table is different from the MPH DNIC.
Action: Enter another DNA table number. 
SCH6009 The input MCU has been used by another MISP. 
SCH6010 Cannot change the DNIC of a DNA table. 
SCH6011 The MPH application does not exist. 
SCH6012 Send maintenance pending message to the MPH application of loop X failed. 
SCH6013 The MPH application must be disabled. 
SCH6014 Cannot add ISDN BRI to the Dedicated MPH. 
SCH6015 The MCU had been referenced by another network interface. 
SCH6016 The input MCU has no MPHI option. 
SCH6017 Cannot change the IPD call type because a TSP is using B channel for MPH. 
SCH6018 Superloop must be entered as a multiple of 4. 
SCH6020 Exceed the maximum number of supported DNA tables for a network interface. 
SCH6024 Invalid operation for TCON. 
SCH6025 Cannot change the TSP NTN because it is associated with a PVC connection. 
SCH6026 The tandem connection does not exist. 
SCH6027 The MPH network interface does not exist. 
SCH6028 Cannot change the DNIC because the MISP is associated with a TSP. 
SCH6029 The input TN is not an MCU. 
SCH6030 The MPH network interface must be disabled. 
SCH6031 The input TN is not an M2008 telephone. 
SCH6032 A Meridian Packet Handler interface with MCU cannot be changed to a non-MPHI MCU if the connection still exists in the software.
Action: Remove the connection in LD 27. 
SCH6033 The DSL must be disabled before changing the call type IPD or PMD. 
SCH6034 The terminal must be disabled. 
SCH6035 Cannot remove the TSP because it is part of an existing PVC connection.
Action: Remove the PVC connection and try again. 
SCH6036 TN TRANS fails on MCU. 
SCH6037 Cannot add or change TSP for B-channel. The call type is not IPD, or the associated DSL has TSPs configured for all B-channel packet data with MPH. 
SCH6041 Exceed the maximum number of nailed-up connections with BRSC and/or MPH. 
SCH6042 Old NTN is not defined in local or DNA table. 
SCH6043 The selected LAPB protocol set group does not exist. 
SCH6044 The selected X25P protocol set group does not exist. 
SCH6045 Only two input fields are allowed. 
SCH6046 Must enter a number to delete. 
SCH6047 Illegal shelf entry for the MCU. 
SCH6048 Input exceed the maximum limit of the D-channel TSP for the associated MPH. 
SCH6049 This TEI has been used by another TSP of the DSL. 
SCH6050 DNIC must have four digits. 
SCH6052 Must enter NTN number to delete. 
SCH6053 The DNA table is empty. It requires at least one NTN number. 
SCH6054 The application option must be BRI Line. 
SCH6055 The DSL must be disabled in order to change the MPH loop.
SCH6056 The NTN range is 2 to 32. 
SCH6058 Disconnect BCH nailed-up connection failed. 
SCH6059 The highest NTN input has more than 10 digits. 
SCH6061 Cannot change the state of the network interface(s). 
SCH6062 MCU cannot be a BRI card. 
SCH6063 Illegal card entry for MCU. 
SCH6064 Illegal unit entry for MCU. 
SCH6065 This MISP has network interface(s) associated with it. 
SCH6066 The old MPH link interface is not disabled. 
SCH6067 This MISP has D-channel terminal(s) associated with it. 
SCH6068 Cannot add MPH application to this MISP. There is a BRSC associated with it. 
SCH6069 This MISP has B-channel terminal(s) associated with it. 
SCH6070 This MISP has dedicated connection(s) with BRSC and/or MPH. 
SCH6071 The input DNA table does not exist in any network interface. 
SCH6072 Cannot remove this DNA table because it is referenced by a PVC. 
SCH6073 The reference DNA table does not exist. 
SCH6074 Cannot remove link from a Vas ID that is defined for one or more CDN at the ADAN prompt. 
SCH6075 Cannot add a Vas ID that has no link to a Control DN. 
SCH6076 You cannot use an international interface for the ISA route. 
SCH6077 No TTY logical # is entered for STA administration terminal. 
SCH6078 No TTY logical # is entered for STA administration terminal. 
SCH6079 The STA administration terminal is not on MSDL. 
SCH6080 Disable the TTY before configuring as the STA administration terminal. 
SCH6081 User types PMS, ACD, APL, HSL & PRT are not allowed on the TTY as the STA administration terminal. 
SCH6082 One of the ports allocated for STA application is already used by other MSDL application. 
SCH6083 Since this TTY is configured with an STA application, it cannot be removed until the STA is removed. 
SCH6084 STA administration port cannot be removed using X. 
SCH6085 Unable to use changed parameters.
Action: To use the changed parameters, enable the STA application modified to download. 
SCH6086 Cannot allocate protected or unprotected memory for STA configuration. 
SCH6087 That TTY has already been configured with another STA application. 
SCH6088 Remove nonexistent port(s). 
SCH6089 The MSDL package, BRIL package or, BRIT package needs to be equipped. 
SCH6090 The system has automatically reset DLTN to NO because AUTO is equal to YES (auto terminated). 
SCH6092 The M911 Package 224 must be equipped to accept USMA/USMD Class of Service. 
SCH6093 The CWNT Package 225 must be equipped to accept CWNA/CWND Class of Service.
SCH6094 CDR NEW package is not equipped.
SCH6095 The Alarm table is full. No new entries can be configured until some existing are deleted. 
SCH6096 The Alarm table is empty. You cannot use the delete command for an empty table. 
SCH6097 A digital telephone must have CWNA Class of Service to be used as a Call Waiting Notification TN. 
SCH6098 The MPH application of the input MPH loop is in waiting state.
Action: Wait for the application to be uploaded or downloaded. Disable the MPH application.
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