Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH5400 - 5499

SCH5400 The LTEI pair does not exist. 
SCH5401 Warning: Make sure MCAL value does not exceed the maximum number of calls for a DSL specified in TSP. 
SCH5402 System contains additional TSPs. 
SCH5403 BRI DN is not allowed. 
SCH5404 MISP loop is not allowed. 
SCH5405 BRI SILC/UILC card not allowed. (Monitored set cannot be a BRI set). 
SCH5406 Cannot configure this DSL because D-channel is configured for packet handler. 
SCH5407 LTID TEI block does not exist. 
SCH5408 Must enter TEI to delete. 
SCH5409 Must enter call type to delete. 
SCH5410 Address translation failed. 
SCH5411 This is not a DSL line. Enter the TN of a valid DSL line. 
SCH5412 USID map is not defined. 
SCH5413 Number of TSPs defined has reached the limit. 
SCH5414 TSP is already defined. 
SCH5415 TSP does not exist. 
SCH5416 USID has not been removed. 
SCH5417 TSP does not exist. 
SCH5418 At least one SPID must be defined. 
SCH5419 SPID has not been defined. 
SCH5420 Input has exceeded the maximum allowed SPIDs per TSP.
Action: Specify a maximum of eight SPIDs. 
SCH5421 DN input is required. 
SCH5422 DNs exceed the allowed limit. 
SCH5423 DN block does not exist. 
SCH5424 DN does not exist in this TSP. 
SCH5425 DN has already been deleted. 
SCH5426 Invalid input. 
SCH5427 Call Type is not defined in the DSL. 
SCH5428 Default DN must be entered. 
SCH5429 Warning: No current default DN is defined. 
SCH5430 Insufficient memory. 
SCH5431 DN tree corrupted. 
SCH5432 DN exists and is not a BRI DN. 
SCH5433 DN is defined in other TN. Cannot have multiple appearance for BRI DN. 
SCH5434 USID does not exist.
SCH5435 SPID has been defined in TSP number. 
SCH5436 Input SPID is too long (maximum of 20 characters). 
SCH5437 There is no TSP defined with the specified SPID. 
SCH5438 Card does not exist in MISP block. 
SCH5439 BRI package not equipped. 
SCH5440 Loop/Card has already been assigned. 
SCH5441 Cannot remove MISP because at least one BRI line card is associated with it. 
SCH5442 Cannot move/swap BRI SILC/UILC line card.
Action: Make sure all the DSLs have been removed from the card first. 
SCH5443 Customer night DN cannot be BRI DN. 
SCH5444 Loop pair is used by an MISP. 
SCH5445 BRI DN cannot be a Hot Line DN. 
SCH5446 BRI DN cannot be night DN. 
SCH5447 Attendant Overflow DN cannot be BRI DN. 
SCH5448 x Disconnect dedicated D-channel connection command for the specified MISP has failed.
Where: x = loop number for non-Option 11 or card number for Option 11.
Action: Check MISP status.
SCH5449 x Send DSL or line card status command for the specified MISP has failed.
Where: x = loop number for non-Option 11 or card number for Option 11.
Action: Check MISP status. 
SCH5450 x Parameter download procedure for the specified MISP has failed.
Where: x = loop number for non-Option 11 or card number for Option 11.
Action: Check MISP status. 
SCH5451 x B-channel dedicated connection to PRI/PRI2 has failed. 
SCH5452 x Disconnect B-channel dedicated connection to PRI/PRI2 command has failed. 
SCH5453 x Send maintenance pending message to MISP failed.
Where: x = loop number for non-Option 11 or card number for Option 11.
SCH5454 Invalid Logical Terminal IDentifier (LTID) input. The combination of both Logical Terminal Group (LTG) and Logical Terminal Number (LTN) having their maximum values (LTG = 15 and LTN = 1023) is not valid.
Action: Use a smaller value for either LTG or LTN. 
SCH5455 DSL already exists. 
SCH5456 DSL does not exist. 
SCH5457 Multi-purpose ISDN Signaling Processor (MISP) must be disabled. 
SCH5458 TSP parameters downloading to the MISP failed. 
SCH5459 Send DSL status to line card failed. 
SCH5460 Group Call group number cannot be a BRI DN. 
SCH5461 DN does not exist or is not a PBX or BCS type. 
SCH5462 Build D-channel nailed up to MISP loop failed. 
SCH5463 B-channel cannot be used for both packet mode data and voice/data. 
SCH5491 Bad CPNW configuration: the speed call list specified in the CPNW data block of LD18 is invalid.
Action: Change CPNW block in LD18. 
SCH5492 The PINX DN cannot be reached due to one of the following:
1. the configuration is invalid
2. the D-channel has been disabled
3. the local PINX DN is not defined
Action: Check that the network numbering plan is valid. 
SCH5493 TCAP or ROSE protocol error for CPNW feature.
Action: Report this problem to your technical support group. 
SCH5496 An ACD DN defined for data service access may not be a default ACD DN or a CDN. 
SCH5497 Unable to define a new BCHI with IFC=SL1.
Action: To define a new BCHI with IFC=SL1, default at RCVP on the first pass. Enter SL1 at IFC. Make a second pass from DCHI and enter YES at RCVP. 
SCH5498 RCVP is set to "yes", which is only allowed for SL-1 interfaces. 
SCH5499 Cannot change. There are Automatic Wake Up calls during this interval which must use this route data block.
Action: Wait until there are no more Wake Up calls before changing this route. If the background terminal is equipped, do a "PR WA MA" command to determine the next free five minute time interval. Note that this command does not list AWU re-tries for the interval.
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