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SCH5300 - 5399

SCH5300 Invalid DN type. Must specify an ACD-DN for the default DN of the CDN. 
SCH5301 TSFT value is out-of-range (0-510). 
SCH5302 This ACD-DN cannot be deleted because it is used as the default DN for some CDNs. 
SCH5303 Invalid DN type. Must specify a CDN for the CDN type and an ACD-DN for the ACD or NACD type. 
SCH5304 Cannot remove a CDN with calls still in queue. 
SCH5305 Cannot define a CDN as OVDN. 
SCH5306 Cannot have a Target DN as CDN. 
SCH5307 Cannot remove a CDN if a supervisor has a DWC key defined for the CDN. 
SCH5308 In procedure copy_tree of scfcrse3, "MOV" command cannot copy CPND names from originating tree to designated tree since the CPND data block for the designated customer is not yet created in LD 95 (sccnd). 
SCH5313 Warning: CNTA CLS is only allowed for ACD sets with DN on key 0. CNTD is used. 
SCH5314 A six-digit or 10-digit level screening data is required for a newly defined NPA or NXX, respectively. 
SCH5316 The peripheral buffer card is bad, but there is no active call, so the trunk is allowed to be removed.
Action: Replace the peripheral buffer card. 
SCH5317 Outing the DCHI used for DPNSS is not allowed until the DDSL block is removed first. 
SCH5318 MBG out-of-range 0-65535 
SCH5319 MBG1 is reserved for Public Network 
SCH5320 BSGC out-of-range 0-65535 
SCH5322 MBGS out-of-range 0-65535 
SCH5323 NTBL out-of-range 0-63 
SCH5324 The addition of the list being created would overflow/fill the estimated remaining disk space. The list is not stored.
Action: Create a smaller (DN or length) list, or delete other PDS equipment, or data dump to reduce the number of records estimated. 
SCH5325 Warning: Multi-Language I/O Package, package 211 must be turned on to use a language other than English. 
SCH5326 1.5 Mb/s DTI/PRI pad category table does not exist.
Action: Create a pad category table using LD 73. 
SCH5327 PRI2 pad category tables cannot be used with DTI2 trunks.
Action: Enter a DTI2 pad category table 
SCH5328 Port classification PRI is only allowed for 1.5 Mb/s PRI routes. 
SCH5329 International 1.5/2.0 Mb/s Gateway (GPRI) package 167 is restricted. 
SCH5330 Code value entered is not allowed for DTI2 trunks. Valid values are:
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,15,16,17,18,20,25, and 26.
SCH5331 The pad category table specified cannot be used with PRI2 trunks because DTI2 trunks are currently using this pad category table. 
SCH5332 Valid DN required for AUDN. 
SCH5334 Not allowed to configure different member of the same group or same member of the same group on different keys for same TN. 
SCH5335 Trunk install package is restricted. 
SCH5336 Invalid input for the trunk model option. 
SCH5337 Invalid input character for selecting the trunk model option. Not allowed with autodial DN.
SCH5338 Null input is not allowed for MODL prompt. 
SCH5339 Model number is out-of-range (1-127). 
SCH5340 Space is not allowed after input is entered. 
SCH5341 Space is not allowed before input. 
SCH5342 The entered number has been used to define a model trunk. 
SCH5345 No default value for new device. 
SCH5346 Port must be disabled before changing.
SCH5347 Baud rate invalid.
SCH5348 Analog Private Network Switching System (APNSS) channel ID has reached its limit.
SCH5349 Call forward features are not compatible with FAXS feature. FTR CFW has been removed and/or CLS FNA, FBA, CWA, CFTA, CFXA have been set to FND, FBD, CWD, CFTD, CFXD.
SCH5350 FAXS package is not equipped. 
SCH5351 Cannot remove a CDN when it has default calls in its default ACD-DN. 
SCH5352 Model ACD sets cannot have a POS ID assigned to a key. 
SCH5353 Model sets cannot have a DN assigned to a key. 
SCH5354 Model sets cannot be defined with the AINS package unequipped. 
SCH5355 Models cannot be defined for this type. 
SCH5356 Model sets cannot be moved or copied.
SCH5357 Model number is out-of-range. 
SCH5358 Model set already exists. 
SCH5359 Model set does not exist.
SCH5360 First Number DN conflicts with an existing DN. 
SCH5361 Too many digits in the First Number DN.
SCH5362 Cannot remove an ACD-DN when the ICPM is monitoring it for statistics. 
SCH5363 Invalid Attendant Overflow DN type. CDN can not be allowed to be an AODN. 
SCH5364 All digits must be in the range 0-7.
SCH5366 Protocol group already exists. 
SCH5367 Protocol group does not exist.
SCH5368 x Protocol group x cannot be removed.
Action: Remove the DSL associated with this protocol and try again. 
SCH5369 Multi-purpose ISDN Signaling Processor (MISP) has already been enabled. 
SCH5370 Multi-purpose ISDN Signaling Processor (MISP) does not exist. 
SCH5371 Not a PRI/PRI2 loop or card. 
SCH5372 I/O polling table is full. 
SCH5373 Cannot obtain MSDL/MISP index, table is full. 
SCH5374 Warning: B-channel is not configured for packet data transmission. 
SCH5375 l ch This PRI/PRI2 loop or card channel cannot be used for the BD nailed-up connection. The next line can be in a format of either:
2. TRY x
If output is format 1, there are no more B-channels available for a nailed-up connection on PRI loop. PRI is re-prompted and another loop can be entered. If output is format 2, channel x is available (enter x at the CH prompt to use this channel).
SCH5376 The number of DSL in the system exceeded the limit. 
SCH5377 Card must be disabled for the change request or this is not an MISP card. 
SCH5378 This is not an MISP loop. 
SCH5379 Maximum of 4 cards allowed per MISP.
SCH5380 Warning: You will not be able to configure DSL7 of this card because D-channel is configured for packet handler. 
SCH5381 Must be a superloop. 
SCH5382 Card must be disabled and all DSLs must be removed to out the card. 
SCH5383 BRI line card already exists. 
SCH5384 BRI line card does not exist.
SCH5385 Non BRI card is not allowed. 
SCH5386 Must be a DSL TN.
SCH5387 Disable the BRI line card to before configuring its DSL.
SCH5388 All DSLs must be removed to change the card type. 
SCH5389 DSL out-of-range (0-7). 
SCH5390 DSL data block does not exist.
SCH5391 DSL data block already exists.
SCH5392 B-channel packet data option is not enabled. Must be configured in MISP. 
SCH5393 Warning: Make sure the call type matches the DN and TSP. 
SCH5394 At least one call type must be defined (VCE, DTA, or PMD). 
SCH5395 System contains additional LETIs. 
SCH5396 Remove all TSPs before removing the DSL.
SCH5397 Enter three values: LTG, LTN and TEI. 
SCH5398 The number of LTIDs in the system exceeded the limit. 
SCH5399 Input exceeded the maximum LTEI allowed for this DSL.
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