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SCH5200 - 5299

SCH5205 You are trying to include an undefined KLS in the Ringing Change KLS range. 
SCH5207 IAMA and IRGA Class of Service cannot coexist. 
SCH5208 The COPY command is not allowed for IAMA class telephone sets. 
SCH5209 The OUT command is not allowed when IRGA or IAMA Class of Service is defined.
SCH5210 Require EES package 10 to configure a key on an Attendant Console. 
SCH5211 Cannot disable AWU feature when RANF trunks are still defined.
Action: Remove trunks and try again. 
SCH5212 Cannot disable AWU feature when RAN1 trunks are still defined.
Action: Remove trunks and try again. 
SCH5213 Cannot disable AWU feature when RAN2 trunks are still defined.
Action: Remove trunks and try again. 
SCH5218 The On Hold On Loudspeaker (OHOL) package 196 is not equipped. 
SCH5219 The DN assigned here must be an OHOL unit. 
SCH5220 OHOL DN can only have one 2/500 set appearance in DN group. 
SCH5221 Set with CLS = SPKA must enter valid Conference loop number on prompt DCLP. 
SCH5222 ADL/CFW exceeds the maximum length of the template. 
SCH5223 Ringing Change and ACD are not allowed on the same set. 
SCH5224 Cannot move or swap 0L1_loop equipment to RPE2_remote_loop. 
SCH5225 RPE2 loop must be disabled.
SCH5226 RPE2 loop must be disabled. 
SCH5227 Unit types R232 and R422 are only allowed on Superloops.
Action: Define R232 and R422 on a Superloop. 
SCH5228 Data port number is out-of-range.
Action: Define R232 and R422 units as 0 - 5. 
SCH5229 Invalid feature key assignment.
Action: Refer to key definitions for LD 11. 
SCH5230 Data port interface mode does not match the database configuration.
Action: Check data port jumper selection against the database configuration. 
SCH5231 Invalid input for this operational parameter. Corrective action depends on the operation attempted.: AUTB, DEM, DLNG, KBD, WIRE or PBDO. 
SCH5232 Key 7 is reserved for MSB feature. PBDO feature is currently enabled. 
SCH5233 Call Pickup not allowed on Data Access Card (DCA) ports. 
SCH5234 No timing Call Register available for parameter uploading.
Action: Repeat procedure and if problem persists contact the system administrator. 
SCH5235 Cannot move Superloop data on a customer basis. 
SCH5236 Not allowed to move non-Data Access Card units to a Data Access Card. 
SCH5237 The characters entered for the ID prompt exceed the range allowed.
Action: Limit the string to no more than 16 characters. 
SCH5238 Group list does not exist. 
SCH5239 Group list already assigned. 
SCH5240 Group Call DN in FFC must be removed first. 
SCH5242 In the ICP block, you are trying to remove a TN that does not exist. 
SCH5243 Setting the increment value to zero does not change the threshold counter. Your system operation may not tolerate this event.
Action: It is recommended that the increment value be set to a value other than zero. 
SCH5244 Setting the decrement value to zero does not change the threshold counter. Your system operation may not tolerate this event.
Action: It is recommended that the decrement value be set to a value other than zero. 
SCH5245 Warning: Only the spare loop is left in RPE2 group. 
SCH5246 Hospitality package not equipped. 
SCH5247 Class of Service MRA required for HSPA. 
SCH5248 Class of Service CCSA required for HSPA. 
SCH5249 Class of Service HSPA and XFA are exclusive. 
SCH5250 Class of Service HSPA and Conference are exclusive.
SCH5251 Class of Service HSPA and multiple appearance directory numbers are exclusive.
SCH5252 Hospitality room set data cannot be modified (or removed) while the room is occupied.
SCH5253 CLS AOS/DOS is only available to sets with CLS SPV. 
SCH5254 Hospitality primary DN key must be SCR or SCN. 
SCH5255 DTN is required for Fax Server operation. 
SCH5256 CAW,FBA, and FNA are not compatible with Fax Server operation. 
SCH5257 CFW is not compatible with Fax Server operation. 
SCH5259 Branch release failed. 
SCH5260 Length of Hospitality Authcode is limited to 4 digits. 
SCH5261 DID-DN conflicts with existing one in Hospitality tree. 
SCH5262 Another Hospitality tree already exists for this customer. 
SCH5263 Data modification is denied while patient is in the room. 
SCH5264 MOV command is denied for a Hospitality tree. 
SCH5265 All tree branches must be released before an OUT or RPL request can be processed for an Hospitality tree. 
SCH5266 Hospitality Authcode must be defined in Authcode table first. 
SCH5267 Tree table 0 is not allowed for a Hospitality tree. 
SCH5268 The International Supplementary Features (SUPP) package 131 is not equipped. 
SCH5269 The UK package 190 is not equipped. 
SCH5270 That is an invalid trunk type for XCOT, XDID, or XFEM. Valid trunk types are listed here: XCOT = CO trunks; XDID = DID trunks; XFEM = MUS, PAG, RAN, and TIE trunks.
SCH5272 XUTJ does not support 900 or 1200 Ohm termination. 
SCH5273 Input out-of-range for make-break ratio (50 - 70). 
SCH5274 Both ND1 and ND2 were included in the capability list for the remote switch. ND1 and ND2 specify the protocol to be used for Network Name Delivery. Only one protocol can be used per interface.
SCH5276 RANF, RAN1, RAN2, LA11 through LA52 cannot be changed during an AWU call. Updates not saved.
Action: Try again after AWU call is finished. 
SCH5278 JDID is only valid for Japan DID on XUT. 
SCH5279 TYPE must be 2008. 
SCH5280 In procedure init_levelblk or traverse_idctree of sccndse2, value of global variable idc_cur_level is invalid. IDC_cur_level must be greater than -1 and less than .idcmaxsize (4 or 7). 
SCH5281 In procedure init_levelblk sccndes2, blk_size of current NFCR/IDC block is less than 3. Data may be corrupted. 
SCH5283 In procedure in_dcno of sccndse3, idc_no_trees: cdataptr[sccustno] = nil. Use LD 15 and specify the maximum number of idc tree in the customer data block (CDB) in order to create any idc tree in this load.
SCH5285 In procedure in_dcno of sccndse3, input for idc tree number is out-of-range. 
SCH5286 Invalid DN type. 
SCH5288 In procedure traverse_idctree of sccndse2, a CPND name for idc is found, and therefore the CPND data block cannot be removed. 
SCH5289 In procedure in_dcno of sccndse3, the current idc tree is not yet created.
Action: Create idc tree in LD 49 (scfcr). 
SCH5290 In procedure a_or_save_1stdgt, L_or_save_dn, check_idc_type, in_dc_idc, range_or_done, or save_dn of sccnd3, invalid or undefined idc input is detected. 
SCH5291 In procedure intype of scfcrse2, command rls (release) and rpl (replace) are blocked for idc type.
SCH5292 Type CDN cannot be selected without the EAR package being equipped.
SCH5293 CDN must exist for CHG, OUT or PRT command. 
SCH5294 Unable to find a CDN block. 
SCH5295 CDN already exists. 
SCH5296 ACD data block for CDN must exist. Data corrupted. Do a sysload. 
SCH5297 Specify an ACD-DN for the default DN of CDN. 
SCH5298 CDN conflict. 
SCH5299 A valid local ACD DN must exist for the default ACD DN of the CDN.
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