Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH5100 - 5199

SCH5100 You cannot allocate PDS for an SS table (LD 94). 
SCH5101 L1 levels 1 and 2 must be defined in order to create an L1 table (LD 94). 
SCH5102 L1 levels 4, 5, and 6 must be defined (LD 94). 
SCH5103 Conflicting table types encountered (LD 94). 
SCH5104 That input (CNA, CND) is ignored because it does not match the CCNI in the L1 route block (LD 14). 
SCH5105 Removing the MGC Class of Service also removes the L1 CNI option for this trunk (LD 14). 
SCH5106 There is no unprotected memory available for changing the UTRKBLK for CCNI.
SCH5113 Language number entered is out-of-range (0) - 5.
SCH5114 Input must be "256" or "384." 
SCH5115 Force Disconnect has failed.
Action: Contact your technical support group. 
SCH5116 Remove Wake Up key before changing to a data set. 
SCH5117 DRPA/DRPD can only be configured on 2.0 Mb/s DID if SUPP and DTI2 are enabled. 
SCH5118 The Virtual Network Services (VNS) package is not equipped. 
SCH5119 That Virtual Network Service (VNS) data block already exists. 
SCH5120 That VNS data block does not exist. 
SCH5121 That DN input for Virtual Network Services is not allowed. 
SCH5122 That DN is out-of-range. 
SCH5123 c rl rli That D-channel is already being used by the previous customer in VirtualNetwork Services. Where:
c = Customer number
rl = Route List
rli = Route List index 
SCH5124 n The customer needs more channel IDs for Virtual Network Services (VNS). Required channels are dedicated in LD 79. Where: N = minimum Number of DNs required. 
SCH5125 The customer has no D-channel IDs for Virtual Network Services (VNS). 
SCH5126 The customer needs more D-channel IDs for Virtual Network Services (VNS). 
SCH5127 You are not allowed to put data TNs on a Voice Only ISDLC card. 
SCH5128 You are attempting to move a pair of TNs on a Voice Only ISDLC card. 
SCH5129 You are attempting to move a pair of TNs on a Voice Only ISDLC card. 
SCH5130 The customer number for that Data TN is not the same as the customer number for the Voice TN. 
SCH5131 Entering the {CR} is not allowed in response to the PRT or TASK prompts. 
SCH5132 The Maintenance threshold must be greater than or equal to the Out-of-Service threshold. 
SCH5133 The Maintenance threshold must be less than or equal to the Out-of-Service threshold.
SCH5134 RPA package 187 is not equipped. 
SCH5135 Invalid input; RPCD/RPS/RPAX/TBL expected. 
SCH5136 Cannot end input with space. 
SCH5137 TBL only valid with command CHG/PRT. 
SCH5138 RPCD only valid with command NEW/CHG/PRT. 
SCH5139 No RPA data exists for this customer. 
SCH5140 This system number is used for PSA code(s). 
SCH5141 RPCD data already exists. 
SCH5142 No RPCD data exists. 
SCH5143 No DN-PSA data exists. 
SCH5144 CR only valid for PRT command. 
SCH5145 System number out-of-range (0-15). 
SCH5146 RPS data already exists. 
SCH5147 No RPS data exists. 
SCH5148 CR only valid for command PRT with RPS/RPAX/TBL. 
SCH5149 Invalid input, SPCH, DIAL, or NONE expected. 
SCH5150 Cannot change to single if more than system 0 exists. 
SCH5151 Invalid input; TAB,TWO,THR, FOR, or NO expected. 
SCH5152 Warning: no RPS data found. 
SCH5153 Out-of-range (0-20). 
SCH5154 Out-of-range (0-120). 
SCH5155 Out-of-range (4-30). 
SCH5156 Out-of-range (1-7). 
SCH5157 Cannot change PSAL when DN-PSA tree exists. 
SCH5158 {CR} only valid for CHG command. 
SCH5159 Out-of-range (0-630). 
SCH5160 Out-of-range (10-630). 
SCH5161 Warning: no PSA defined for this system. 
SCH5162 Not an FFC DN. 
SCH5163 All digits in the DN are not used. 
SCH5164 Not an RPAX FFC. 
SCH5165 No RPA data for this FFC. 
SCH5166 RPA data already exists.
SCH5167 Out-of-range (0-127/511). 
SCH5168 Non-existing route number. 
SCH5169 Route not set up for RPA. 
SCH5170 Route not set up as RAN. 
SCH5171 Invalid input; MANU or AUTO expected. 
SCH5172 Out-of-range (0-9). 
SCH5173 Out-of-range (0-7). 
SCH5174 Invalid input; NONE, SPCH, or RNGB expected. 
SCH5175 Invalid input; BOTH/INT expected. 
SCH5176 Only four characters allowed as RPAX FFC replacement. 
SCH5177 Invalid characters, A-Z or 1-9 expected. 
SCH5178 Too many digits in PSA code. 
SCH5179 No PSA code has been entered. 
SCH5180 Too few digits have been entered for the PSA code. 
SCH5181 The DN does not exist in the DN-PSA tree. 
SCH5182 Invalid input; DNP, UPS, or NPS expected. 
SCH5183 Second DN has to be larger than the first DN. 
SCH5184 RPS block does not exist. 
SCH5185 Warning: no customer with RPCD data. 
SCH5186 Warning: no customer with RPS data. 
SCH5187 Warning: no RPAX FFC found. 
SCH5188 Warning: no RPAX data found. 
SCH5189 Warning: no customer with DN-PSA tree. 
SCH5190 Warning: no system number found. 
SCH5191 Warning: the specified DN was not found. 
SCH5192 Warning: no DN found for this system. 
SCH5193 Customer not set up to use DN-PSA tree. 
SCH5194 No FFC tree for this customer. 
SCH5195 Leading space is not allowed. 
SCH5196 Corruption in the FFC/DN-PSA tree. 
SCH5197 Not allowed to run LD 58 as midnight routine. 
SCH5198 This system number is used for RPAX FFC(s). 
SCH5199 An invalid internal DN has been entered for the CFW key. The entered DN is either a normal DN, or FFC+DN. The validation is done for both CFXD and CFXA classes of service.
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