Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH5000 - 5099

SCH5000 Code value is out-of-range (0-9999). 
SCH5001 Must respond YES to NFCR prompt before responding YES to IDCA prompt. 
SCH5002 This feature is not applicable to New Meridian Modular Telephones. 
SCH5003 Message waiting key (MWK/XMWK/RMWK) requires Message Waiting Allowed (MWA) Class of Service.
Action: Define CLS MWA before configuring MWK/XMWK/RMWK keys. 
SCH5004 Message Intercept (MIN) package not equipped. 
SCH5005 Cannot OUT a Frequency Cadence (FCAD) entry. 
SCH5006 Cannot change an FCAD table without a Conference/TDS/MFS card (NT8D17) 
SCH5007 FCAD table entry already exists. 
SCH5008 FCAD table entry has not yet been defined.
SCH5009 {CR} is not allowed for new FCAD tables. 
SCH5010 A cycle defined to repeat was not defined as a cycle in the cadence field. No changes were made to the FCAD entry as the result of this error. 
SCH5011 The number of Tone Codes must match the number of defined cycles in the cadence field. No changes were made to the FCAD entry. 
SCH5012 FCAD entries 1 to 15 are reserved for ring tones and can be changed only though MCAD entries 1 to 15. 
SCH5013 ACD keys and CCSA Class of Service are incompatible. A set is not allowed to have both.
SCH5014 Your MCAD ON phases must be greater than 13, for the 128 ms ROM configuration. The 96 ms ROM configuration must have a value greater than 9. 
SCH5015 The Network/DTR Card software not found on disk.
Action: Get the disk with the proper Network/DTR software version. 
SCH5016 The Timed Forced Disconnect timer is not applicable to this route type. 
SCH5017 The Release ID for this DCH block was listed as 0 when printing the configuration record. Call Processing will not work with a null value, or value of 0. See prompt RLSID in LD 17.
SCH5018 Cannot move or swap data into TN 0 (loop, shelf, card and unit all equal to 0).
SCH5019 Automatic Answerback (AAK) key or Automatic Answerback Allowed (AAA) Class of Service can only be assigned to digital sets with Hands Free Allowed (HFA) Class of Service. Hands Free Denied (HFD) Class of Service is not allowed when AAA Class of Service or AAK key is defined.
SCH5020 EOD string does not match the length defined in STRL. 
SCH5021 Requires IPE package number 203.
Action: Configure IPE package 203. 
SCH5022 Maximum Peripheral Equipment density is not octal (8D). 
SCH5023 BOSS is not an acceptable response when set is already a Secretary set. 
SCH5024 SEC is not an acceptable response when set is already a BOSS set. 
SCH5025 Too many input fields in response to SFDN prompt. 
SCH5026 The Superloop RAN trunk support only Audichron machine types. 
SCH5028 Data cannot be moved from or to PRI/PRI2 loops. 
SCH5029 Warning: The service route does not have any dedicated trunks. The trunk members are in associated ISA route. 
SCH5030 DIG cannot be defined for this set. Set is already defined with AGTA Class of Service or is configured as an ACD agent set. 
SCH5031 Enhanced Hotline Allowed (EHTA) cannot be defined for this set. Set is already configured with AGTA Class of Service. 
SCH5032 CCSA cannot be defined for this set. Set is already configured with AGTA Class of Service.
SCH5033 AGTA Class of Service cannot be defined unless ACD package A is equipped. 
SCH5034 AGTA cannot be defined for this set. Set is already configured with DIG. 
SCH5035 AGTA cannot be defined for this set. Set is already configured with CCSA Class of Service.
SCH5036 AGTA cannot be defined for this set. Set is already configured with EHTA Class of Service.
SCH5037 Define AGTA Class of Service to make set eligible for ACD 
SCH5038 Set not defined for ACD. 
SCH5039 Already configured with AGTA service. Set can only be defined as a single appearance DN.
SCH5040 Already configured as a multiple appearance DN; set cannot have AGTA defined 
SCH5041 The ACD Agent set cannot be changed to an ACD Supervisor set.
Action: To change an ACD Agent set into an ACD Supervisor set:
1. Remove the supervisor reference for that set.
2. Remove the SPID for that Agent.
3. OUT the corresponding AGT key on the Supervisor’s set. 
SCH5042 The ISDN Signaling Link can only be configured with ISA or TIE routes. 
SCH5043 You are not allowed to set up a QTHM for an Inter Attendant call. 
SCH5044 Action: Use COPY command in LD 10 to define more than one 500/2500 set as an ACD station. 
SCH5045 500/2500 sets cannot be used as Virtual Agents. 
SCH5046 The In-Band Automatic Number Identification (IANI) route needs to be an autoterminating route.
SCH5047 A route cannot be defined as both IANI and DNIS. 
SCH5048 This ISDN route cannot be configured for In-Band ANI. 
SCH5049 An In-Band ANI route cannot support digit insertion. 
SCH5051 In-Band ANI routes are STD routes only. 
SCH5052 POVR package must be equipped. 
SCH5053 CPTA must have WTA (Warning Tone Allowed) Class of Service. 
SCH5055 Set already configured for AGTA service; cannot be configured for XHA Class of Service.
SCH5056 Set already configured for AGTA service; cannot be defined with PRMA. 
SCH5057 Set already configured with XHA service; cannot be defined with AGTA. 
SCH5058 Set already configured with PRMA service; cannot be defined with AGTA. 
SCH5059 Set already configured with MCTA service; cannot be defined with AGTA. 
SCH5060 An analog route is required. 
SCH5061 Warning: The ITG Option was not turned on. It is turned on here. 
SCH5062 Stepping to an ISA SERVICE route is not allowed. 
SCH5063 The ISAR option cannot be changed to YES, because the trunk has dedicated routes.
Action: Remove all dedicated routes from that trunk. 
SCH5064 Dedicated trunks cannot be assigned to an ISA SERVICE route unless the ISAR option is turned off first. 
SCH5065 SCL was not the response to the TYPE prompt when REQ was COMP. Only Speed Call lists are estimated. Use SCL for both regular and system speed call. 
SCH5066 Disk record availability estimation cannot be performed.
Action: Ensure that a data dump has been executed through LD 43 since the last system reload, and that FTYP has been specified by following the ADAN CHG HDK/FDK 0 sequence in LD 17. 
SCH5067 CDN cannot be allowed to have agents. 
SCH5068 500/2500 PBX sets used as ACD sets can only have single appearance regular DN.
SCH5069 The number of TNs in the system is greater than the limit. You may need new disks with new TN limits. 
SCH5070 The number of ACD Agents/Supervisors in the system is greater than the limit. You may need new disks with new ACD Agent/Supervisor limits. 
SCH5071 The number of ACD DNs and CDNs in the system is greater than the limit. You may need new disks with new ACD DN limits. 
SCH5072 The number of AST sets in the system is greater than the limit.
Action: To expand, you will need to order new disks with new AST set limits. 
SCH5073 CDN cannot be defined for NSV key. 
SCH5074 BIMP and TIMP are mismatched. See prompt TIMP in LD 14 for allowed combinations of BIMP/TIMP. 
SCH5075 Service not implemented in this IFC. 
SCH5076 Warning: Templates are at the limit.
Action: Contact the service representative before proceeding. 
SCH5077 Out WATS band number is invalid (only 0 - 9 are valid). 
SCH5078 Key 0 cannot be configured as a Wake Up key. 
SCH5079 Invalid DN type on key 0 for a Wake Up key. Valid DN types include MCR, SCR, MCN, SCN, PVR, and PVN. 
SCH5080 A Wake Up key cannot be configured on a data set. CLS must be for a VCE data terminal. 
SCH5081 CLS must be CCSA to configure a Wake Up key. 
SCH5082 The Wake Up key must be removed before changing CLS to CCSD. 
SCH5083 Input out-of-range 1 - 3 for TAWU (the number of tries for an unanswered Wake Up call.
SCH5084 Peripheral equipment exists on the loop. 
SCH5085 ECA Class of Service is only acceptable on 4-wire type E & M trunks or SS7 trunks with proper variant. 
SCH5086 The responses EXR0/EXR1/EXR2/EXR3/EXR4 are not allowed if the Executive Distinctive Ring feature package #185 is not equipped. CLS is re-prompted. The response DR DA/DRDD for MMT sets is not allowed if the Executive Distinctive Ringing Package #185 is not equipped. CLS is re-prompted.
Action: Equip Package 185 and re-load if Executive Distinctive Ringing or Distinctive Ringing by DN is required. 
SCH5087 Do not use MOV or SWP commands when PRI/PRI2 loops are configured with backup DCH.
SCH5088 SDAL option in LD 15 is only allowed when PRETRNS and SUPP packages are equipped.
Action: Set up SDAC data in LD 18. 
SCH5091 CLS ECA is only used on 4-wire E & M trunks. 
SCH5092 Flexible attendant Call Waiting Threshold (FCWT) values on the tenant level are set equal to the customer level values. 
SCH5093 This trunk does not have MFC Class of Service (LD 16). 
SCH5094 The outgoing table’s signaling type does not match the incoming signal type [LD 16]
SCH5095 L1 levels 1 through 6 do not exist (LD 94). 
SCH5096 You cannot remove the L1 levels 1, 2, or 3 (LD 94). 
SCH5097 L1 levels 4, 5, and 6 have been removed (LD 94). 
SCH5098 You are trying to use an invalid L1 signaling level (LD 94). 
SCH5099 You cannot do that with the L1 package because it is restricted (LD 94).
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