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SCH4800 - 4899

SCH4800 Input source or destination shelf number is not defined in the NT8D shelf configuration.
SCH4801 Invalid starting target unit (STUN) input. 
SCH4802 Source and destination card types are not the same.
SCH4803 Cannot move or swap different source Controllers (NT8D01) to the same destination Controller.
SCH4804 Cannot move different source SD/DD/QD cards to the same destination Controller (NT8D01) with the same starting target unit (STUN) more than once. 
SCH4805 Cannot move or swap the same source segment more than once. 
SCH4806 Cannot move or swap different source segments to the same destination segment.
SCH4807 No shelf is defined in configuration for this superloop. 
SCH4808 Too many cards are currently configured on the source or destination shelf.
SCH4809 Too many shelves are currently configured on the source or destination loop.
SCH4810 Cannot move or swap shelf from SD/DD/QD to superloop shelf.
SCH4811 Starting segment input does not belong to the destination superloop shelf.
SCH4812 No non-service card is defined on the source or destination segment.
SCH4813 Too many cards are configured on the source segment for a move or swap operation.
SCH4814 The input segment number does not belong to the given superloop shelf.
SCH4815 Cannot move off-premise extension (OPX) data to Controller (NT8D01).
SCH4816 Cannot move or swap SD/DD/QD loop data to superloop.
SCH4817 No shelf is defined for both superloops. 
SCH4818 No shelf is defined for destination superloop. 
SCH4819 No shelf is defined for source superloop. 
SCH4820 No shelf is defined for the source or destination superloop. 
SCH4821 Cannot move data from Digital Link Interface (DLI) loop to superloop. 
SCH4822 Destination segment number needed. 
SCH4823 Source card is empty, nothing to move. 
SCH4824 Invalid shelf number for Network/DTR (NT8D18) loop. 
SCH4825 For Network/DTR (NT8D18 card) loop. Slot 15 is reserved for Digitone Receiver 
SCH4826 Cannot move or swap data from superloop to SD/DD/4D loop. 
SCH4827 Cannot move or swap SD/DD/QD loop to superloop. 
SCH4828 Cannot move or swap card and shelf data of superloop to another superloop in the same move/swap operation. 
SCH4829 Cannot move SD/DD/QD card data other than PBX and ISDLC to controller. 
SCH4830 Card input does not belong to given superloop and shelf. 
SCH4860 The Announcement table cannot be changed printed or removed if it is not configured.
Action: Please check AANN configuration.
SCH4861 AANN table already exists.
Action: Please check AANN configuration. 
SCH4862 AANN does not exist.
Action: Please check AANN configuration 
SCH4863 The PSTN option is valid on MCDN trunk routes only.
Action: Check if this route is an ISDN route and IFC type is type os SL1. 
SCH4864 ATAN cannot be enabled when no Attendant Announcement profiles are configured in OL 56.
Action: Load OVL 56 and configure AANN section. 
SCH4865 AANN Table is not configured or is out of range.
Action: Check range type and enter again. 
SCH4866 Call Answer Forced has been activated on this route.
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