Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH4600 - 4699

SCH4600 The ICDR package is restricted. 
SCH4601 An ACD station is not allowed an ICDR COS. 
SCH4602 MCT package is not equipped. 
SCH4603 ACD stations are nor allowed to have MCT feature. 
SCH4605 EHTA or EHTD not allowed with MNL COS. 
SCH4606 Hot Line package not equipped. 
SCH4607 If the station has EHTA COS, then HOT must be entered in response to the FTR prompt. 
SCH4608 Hot Line keys disallowed if Hot Line package is not equipped. 
SCH4609 EHTA conflicts with LLC1, LLC2, and LLC3. Hot Line keys cannot be assigned to telephones with LLC enabled. 
SCH4630 LLC COS cannot be assigned, LLC package not enabled. 
SCH4631 Invalid response to LLC prompt (YES or NO). 
SCH4632 Invalid threshold value for LLC level (0-100). 
SCH4635 Warning: Available UDS is less than 4KW. 
SCH4636 Input is not one of PRT, TTY, HDK, FDK. 
SCH4640 Billable limits must be within system maximum and minimum. 
SCH4641 Billable limits cannot be reduced below current TN to total. 
SCH4642 Number of TNs must be between system minimum and billable limits. 
SCH4643 Number of loops must be between zero and loop limit. 
SCH4644 Customer Night DN cannot be Pilot DN. 
SCH4652 ENP package is not equipped. 
SCH4653 Display DN does not start with a pilot DN. 
SCH4654 DN must not exceed six characters. 
SCH4655 NSO number entered is not defined. 
SCH4656 PRXL must be equipped. 
SCH4657 NGA must be defined. 
SCH4658 Out-of-range (0-7). 
SCH4659 Invalid input; only 0, 5, 8 or 9 will be accepted as valid inputs. 
SCH4660 PRIM/SEC source has already been defined for the clock controller. 
SCH4661 No change allowed while active CC is using this source. 
SCH4662 Repeat count out-of-range for Signaling Category table; the table would be too full if allowed to proceed. 
SCH4664 Removing non-existing Limited Access Password (LAPW). 
SCH4665 Attempted loop move between GEC & NT loops. 
SCH4667 AFA Class of Service not allowed unless COS FNA. 
SCH4668 SARG period 1 start and stop times are undefined. 
SCH4669 Private line cannot be used with FTC. 
SCH4670 ABCD package is not equipped 
SCH4671 ABCD table does not exist 
SCH4672 ABCD table already exists 
SCH4673 Higher ABCD table number exists. 
SCH4674 Input must be 1, 2, 3 or {CR}. 
SCH4677 Undesired default function should be mapped to another existing signal. 
SCH4678 Cannot change ENA, END, LKA, LKD, UNA, UND, DSA, DSD, or invalid abcd code for send signal. 
SCH4679 Receive and send signal inputs do not match. 
SCH4680 Already 16 LOG units are configured. No more new devices can be added. 
SCH4681 PVR or PVN cannot be assigned as primed DN. 
SCH4684 Input out-of-range (1-4095). 
SCH4685 Input out-of-range (0-4095). 
SCH4687 Option not defined for this feature. 
SCH4688 INST digits conflict with ATCD.
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