Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH4500 - 4599

SCH4500 You must first define the LSC in LD15 before using the TIDY prompt. 
SCH4501 Two entries are required for table. 
SCH4502 Calling number is out-of-range. 
SCH4503 Speed Call List number is out-of-range. 
SCH4504 No table SCL pointer. 
SCH4505 128 blocks are already configured (for command NEW). 
SCH4506 PREO is out-of-range. 
SCH4507 Invalid response entered. 
SCH4508 Invalid number of parameters entered. 
SCH4515 JCO/LST/LNT applies to CO loopstart non-digital trunk only. 
SCH4516 M2317 set requires DLT2 package (91). 
SCH4517 Package for Caller’s Name Display not equipped.
SCH4518 Wrong telephone type.
Action: Set must have a digit display for CNDA/DNDA Class of Service. 
SCH4519 M2317: invalid feature for specified key number. 
SCH4520 Delta II, soft key feature may not be assigned to programmable keys (0 through 10). 
SCH4521 M2317 sets with the data option must have key 10 defined as an SCR DN.
Action: If the data option is being specified for this set (CLS = DTA), key 10 must be defined on the voice TN as an SCR key with the same DN as Data Prime DN (key 0). You cannot assign a feature to this key. 
SCH4522 M2317 key is hardwired for handsfree and is not allowed to be defined. 
SCH4523 Data DN key cannot be changed in Attendant Administration. 
SCH4524 This key feature cannot be defined in Attendant Administration. 
SCH4525 Package for Digit Display not equipped, which is required for Caller’s Name Display or Dialed Name Display; or NDD Class of Service is not allowed with CNDA or DNDA Class of Service. 
SCH4526 Supervisory Console package equipped. BCS stations cannot be allocated to card with attendant assigned. 
SCH4527 Supervisory Console package equipped.
Action: Attendant prime TN must be on unit 0 for single density cards. For double density cards, the prime DN must be on unit 0 or unit 4. 
SCH4528 Supervisory Console package equipped. Attendant console cannot share card with other stations.
SCH4529 Supervisory Console package equipped. Prime and secondary TN must be consecutive.
SCH4530 Threshold out-of-range (1-255).
SCH4531 Threshold must be greater than or equal to previous threshold. 
SCH4532 TN does not exist in LD 15. 
SCH4533 Supervisory Console is in Service Observation mode. 
SCH4534 SNR package not equipped. 
SCH4535 Last Number Redial (LNR) has not been defined in the Customer data block (LD 15).
SCH4536 The size entry for Last Number Redial (LNR) is invalid. 
SCH4537 The Class of Service for Last Number Redial (LNR) has not been specified for this set.
SCH4538 This type of Alpha terminal, M2317, or M3000 is not supported by the LNR feature.
SCH4541 The attendant console being assigned as Supervisor is out-of-range (1-63). 
SCH4542 Both Busy Lamp Field (BLF) arrays of the customer are already assigned. 
SCH4543 The Lamp Field Array option is not assigned. 
SCH4549 (SWA) Class of Service cannot be defined without having a Call Waiting key/lamp pair defined for SL-1 sets. 
SCH4550 For 500/2500 sets with Station Loop Preemption (SLP), sets with SWA Class of Service must have Call Waiting Allowed (CWA). Also, SWA is mutually exclusive with Call Waiting Denied (CWD) and Precedence Call Waiting Denied (PCWD). 
SCH4551 Hard disk not allowed on units 1 to 3. 
SCH4552 OUT or NEW not valid for unit 0. 
SCH4553 For M2317 sets, the COS for Message Waiting is denied if the Message Waiting Key (MWK) has not been assigned, since the common audible signaling is not supported. 
SCH4554 IO_BLK_PTR not defined; data corruption. 
SCH4555 A source cannot be a target for itself.
SCH4556 CPND data block must be removed before the customer data block. 
SCH4560 Number of trees must be input (LD 15). 
SCH4561 Tree number is out-of-range for LD 15 (0-254). 
SCH4562 Tree number is out-of-range for LD 16 (0-254). 
SCH4563 Tree does not exist. 
SCH4564 A tree number must be input (LD 49). 
SCH4565 Tree number is out-of-range for LD 49 (0-254). 
SCH4566 Illegal range requested. 
SCH4567 Code value out-of-range, range is 100 - 9999. 
SCH4568 Internal DN is out-of-range. 
SCH4575 Display on Manual Signaling package not equipped. 
SCH4576 Invalid response to AC2 prompt in LD 15; HLOC is prompted again.
Action: Enter numeric input between 100 and 9999. 
SCH4577 LSC should be between 100 and 9999. 
SCH4578 Four inputs are required for the Busy or OVBU prompts. 
SCH4579 Invalid input entered. Invalid Interflow treatment or Busy Tone treatment for originating type. In X11 Release 17, BSY is not accepted for CO, FX trunks. 
SCH4580 Cannot change user mode to ISL while B-channels are still configured on associated DCH loops.
SCH4581 Repeat NEW of an ESL TN table in LD 14. CHID is not assigned for ESL trunks using NEW number only first CHID is accepted. Others must be added individually. 
SCH4597 Template space for assigned authcode cannot be allocated. 
SCH4598 The assigned number entered is not within the valid range. 
SCH4599 The assigned authcode entered is invalid.
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