Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH4100 - 4199

SCH4100 LDN has a Tenant Number cannot be deleted or changed. 
SCH4101 ALDN Group cannot be used at a satellite node. 
SCH4102 Input out-of-range (3-19). 
SCH4103 A LDN number higher than input value for MAXN is defined. 
SCH4104 Input for prompt ICIM must be one of NON, LDN0, LDN1, LDN2, LDN3 or {CR}. 
SCH4105 Input not accepted - Tenant Data Defined. 
SCH4106 A tenant number which is higher than input value for MXTN is defined in protected data. 
SCH4107 No package that uses station group data is equipped. 
SCH4108 Tenant number must be in the range 0 to MXTN in LD 15.
SCH4109 Station Group already defined. 
SCH4110 Attendant number defined in a console group. 
SCH4111 Cannot remove route mapped to an ACG. 
SCH4112 Cannot accept OGT for route mapped to ACG. 
SCH4113 Station group not defined. 
SCH4114 Input must be one of A, MU, or {CR}. 
SCH4115 Warning: Counting edge of PPM pulse bit(s) for the DTI loop is not compatible with the incoming CONN(s) signal in the signaling category table entered. Metering will not be performed on this channel. 
SCH4116 Warning: Route entered for DTI channel has battery reversal type of metering. Metering will not be performed on this channel. 
SCH4117 Warning: DTI loop has PPM pulse bit(s) defined but entered route does not have PPM type of metering. Metering will not be performed on this channel. 
SCH4118 Warning: Entered route has PPM type of metering, but DTI loop does not have PPM pulse bit(s) defined. Metering will not be performed on this channel. 
SCH4119 No DTI TNs exist. 
SCH4120 Entry out-of-range. 
SCH4121 Invalid loop type entered.
Action: For JDMI and DTI2, you must enter JDMI loop. For PRI2, a PRI2 loop is required.
SCH4122 DTI data does not exist. 
SCH4123 Timers cannot be created. 
SCH4124 Channel out-of-range. 
SCH4125 DTI loop is not defined. 
SCH4126 Signaling/pad category does not exist. 
SCH4127 Signaling/pad category table cannot be removed because there are no references to the table. 
SCH4128 Signaling/pad category already exists. 
SCH4129 Invalid abcd code. 
SCH4130 Non-compatible loops (digital and analog). 
SCH4131 DTI2 package is not equipped. 
SCH4132 Timers cannot be removed. 
SCH4133 Timer values must be in a descending order. 
SCH4134 Non-analog loop. 
SCH4135 Non-digital trunk type. 
SCH4136 Destination loop is not the same type as source loop. 
SCH4137 Not allowed for a DTI loop. 
SCH4138 Channel-TN conversation failed. 
SCH4139 Signaling category can accept no more TNs. 
SCH4140 Device must be disabled to permit end link change. 
SCH4141 CND package restricted. 
SCH4142 CND user should be only user of physical unit. 
SCH4143 CND name length exceeds maximum allowed. 
SCH4144 Illegal ASCII character. 
SCH4145 Attempt to remove name in command NEW. 
SCH4146 Cannot find CND data in line block. 
SCH4147 YES or NO only legal response to the prompt. 
SCH4148 Entry out-of-range (0-127). 
SCH4149 Attempt to remove display in command YES. 
SCH4150 Display is not configured. 
SCH4151 Display is not assigned to this customer. 
SCH4152 Entry out-of-range (0-63). 
SCH4153 Attempt to remove display group in command NEW. 
SCH4154 Group is not configured. 
SCH4155 Unable to change name due to name block overflow. 
SCH4156 Display is already configured. 
SCH4157 Invalid CND display type. 
SCH4158 CND display type conflict. 
SCH4159 SCTRNTRANS failed. 
SCH4160 ICI key is already assigned to area. 
SCH4161 Legal ICI key is assigned to area. 
SCH4162 Illegal response to area. 
SCH4163 Input to area out-of-range. 
SCH4164 CND display group does not exist. 
SCH4165 CND display group must be entered except PRT. 
SCH4166 CND display group out-of-range (0-63). 
SCH4167 CND display number must be entered. 
SCH4168 CND display number out-of-range (0-127). 
SCH4169 CND display group already exists. 
SCH4170 Maximum 10 groups entered in one pass.
SCH4171 CND display is not assigned to this customer. 
SCH4172 CND display is already assigned. 
SCH4173 CND display must be entered except PRT. 
SCH4174 Request for CND name memory is too large. 
SCH4175 CND link is not configured. 
SCH4176 CNDGROUPTBL BLK cannot be created, NIL PTR returns from GET_PDATA_BLK, DISI will not be created.
SCH4177 CND_DISPLAYS BLK cannot be created, NIL PTR returns from GET_PDATA_BLK, DISI will not be created. 
SCH4178 CNDMONITORAREA BLK cannot be created, NIL PTR returns from GET_UDATA_BLK, DISI will not be created. 
SCH4179 CND display must be disabled to be removed from configuration. 
SCH4180 Display is already assigned to attendant. 
SCH4181 CND must be removed before CND TTY. 
SCH4193 AC15B trunk is still attached. 
SCH4194 CMF must be entered for GEC NLC class. 
SCH4195 Input value must be EM4. 
SCH4196 Input must be A15B. 
SCH4197 The NLC trade mark is not GEC. 
SCH4198 CLS must be CMF. 
SCH4199 Input must be NT or GEC.
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