Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH3800 - 3899

SCH3800 Level 4 can only be removed by removing level 3. 
SCH3801 Level 2 cannot be removed for L1 labels. 
SCH3802 MFC level 2 does not exist. 
SCH3803 Incoming table still exists in an own_nic_blk. 
SCH3804 Outgoing table still exists in an nic_blk. 
SCH3805 Levels 3 and 4 must both be defined. 
SCH3806 During call processing may cause problems. 
SCH3807 Translation type not tab for customer. 
SCH3808 No DN-PSA translation table. 
SCH3809 Entries still in DN-PSA translation table.
SCH3810 DN already in table. 
SCH3811 DN not in table. 
SCH3812 More than one Radio Paging System exists. Table entries must be removed before resetting to single system. 
SCH3813 EXOP not allowed without FFC package equipped. 
SCH3814 Input for CDTO prompt is out-of-range (0-10). 
SCH3815 No ASEQ currently defined. 
SCH3816 ASEQ input is out-of-range (0-9). 
SCH3817 FFC state is being set to zero due to conflict with the new ASEQ. 
SCH3818 FFC conflicts with another FFC’s numeric equivalent. 
SCH3819 Numeric equivalent conflicts in the DN translator. 
SCH3820 FFC and/or equivalent conflicts with an already existing DN. 
SCH3821 The Scheduled Access Restriction package is not equipped. 
SCH3822 Attempting to create a new Authcode when the number of digits for the Authcode ALEN, is zero.
SCH3823 Maximum Scheduled Access Restriction Group is out-of-range (0-127). 
SCH3824 The number of digits of the Authorization code to be validated is outside of the range (0, ALEN), where ALEN is the number of digits in the Authorization code itself. 
SCH3825 The response is other than YES or NO. 
SCH3826 The CRCS value is outside of the range (0-7). 
SCH3827 The TGAR value is outside of the range (0-15). 
SCH3828 Unable to match the input with the Stored Service Mnemonics. 
SCH3829 Cannot create aut block when ALEN = 0. 
SCH3830 There is no room in the AUTH Pointer Table. 
SCH3831 {CR} is not allowed when AUTH Block SARG number for GRP is expected. 
SCH3832 The SARG number is outside of the range (1, SMAX) where SMAX is the maximum SARG number allowed. 
SCH3833 The SAR Block does not yet exist for this customer. 
SCH3834 No AUTH Blocks exist for this customer. 
SCH3835 The hour and/or minute entered for the off-period Start/Stop times is out-of-range.
Where: HH= Hour, MM= Minute, and
HH is greater than or equal to 0, and less than or equal to 23;
MM is greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 59 
SCH3836 Higher SAR group number exists. 
SCH3837 {CR} is not allowed for the lock request. 
SCH3838 The lock number must be either 1 or 2, to correspond to one of the two offperiods. 
SCH3839 Attempting to print a non-existing service code corresponding to the authorization code entered.
SCH3840 ATD is not allowed on input. Enter ATA or either CUS or GRP. For the latter two, ATD is implied. 
SCH3841 Attempting to remove or change a non-existent SARG entry. 
SCH3842 Attempting to create a new SARG entry corresponding to one which already exists. 
SCH3843 {CR} is not allowed for SMAX prompt. 
SCH3844 {CR} is not allowed for AVAL prompt.
SCH3845 Attempting to lock onto an unusual off-period time (both START and STOP times are zero).
SCH3846 The Authcode entry pointer does not point to the start of the storage corresponding to the Authcode entered (This should never occur). 
SCH3847 Attempting to enter extra information on the same line as the service data which must appear by itself. 
SCH3848 {CR} is not allowed for services which the command is not a change. 
SCH3849 Requesting to print a single Authcode which does not exist. 
SCH3850 Attempting to insert the Authcode data when it’s location is unknown.
SCH3851 SS table number is out-of-range. 
SCH3852 SS head table does not exist. 
SCH3853 Entry does not exist in table. 
SCH3854 Receive section of table is full. 
SCH3855 Input out-of-range (11-15). 
SCH3856 Input out-of-range (1-15).
SCH3857 Invalid function for this table. 
SCH3858 Network package denied. 
SCH3859 Attempt to assign more than one CPR key on a SL-1 set. 
SCH3860 Digit display is required for CPR feature. 
SCH3861 More than 4 characters were entered. 
SCH3862 ASCII count variable is less than zero.
SCH3864 Remove NWK ACOD when changing to 11. 
SCH3889 Response to SUPN INC was RVBD.
Action: Response to SUPN OUT must be RVBD. 
SCH3890 DN length conflicts with DNs already existing in DN-PSA translation table. 
SCH3891 Protected block length for station input not accepted.
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