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SCH3700 - 3799

SCH3700 Wrong DCD input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3701 Wrong PRM input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3702 Wrong VLL input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3703 Wrong MOD input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3704 Wrong INT input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3705 Wrong CLK input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3706 MPDA/ADATA is either not equipped or response timeout. 
SCH3707 M2016 cannot be configured as data TN. 
SCH3709 PRI2 data does not exist. 
SCH3710 The specified ANI data block has configured already (for command NEW). 
SCH3711 Incorrect NPA format. It should be N = 2-9, P = 0/1, A = 0-9. 
SCH3712 The specified ANI data block has not configured yet (for PRT, CHG, and OUT). 
SCH3713 The input value is out-of-range. 
SCH3714 The specified input data has been configured already (for command NEW). 
SCH3715 Range input is not allowed for SUB response. 
SCH3716 Ending digit is smaller than the starting digit for range input. 
SCH3717 The specified input data has not configured yet. 
SCH3718 Timers for this feature are defined in increments of 30 seconds. The timer value will increase to the next 30 second increment. 
SCH3719 SFA not allowed unless FNA is defined. 
SCH3720 The Speed Call List for the default (0) Pretranslation Calling Group does not exist. 
SCH3721 Device must be disabled to permit PMS link change.
Action: Disable the link in LD 37. 
SCH3722 Added loops must be of the same type as DCHL. 
SCH3723 ATIM out-of-range (0-126). 
SCH3724 Invalid Attendant Alternative Answering (AAA) DN type. Valid types are Set DN (PBX, SL-1, and Digital) and ACD DN. 
SCH3725 Invalid card type specified for prompt FDLC. Possible types are XNET (Network Card), XPEC (Controller), XNPD (Network/DTR Card), ALL. 
SCH3726 Invalid download option specified for prompt FDLC.
Action: Enter F for forced download or C for conditional download. 
SCH3727 Invalid Peripheral Software (PSW) version type specified for prompt FDLC. Possible values are: L = Latest, C = Current (default), S = specified (1-99). 
SCH3728 Invalid Peripheral Software (PSW) version number (1-99) specified for prompt FDLC. 
SCH3729 Download parameter missing or invalid. 
SCH3730 Since L (latest) or C (current)has been entered for download type, a version number cannot be entered. 
SCH3731 Invalid FDCT pointer found: possible memory corruption. 
SCH3732 Missing software for Network Card (NT8D04) on disk.
Action: Get the disk with the proper Network Card software version. 
SCH3733 Missing software for Controller (NT8D01) on disk.
Action: Get the disk with the proper Controller software version. 
SCH3734 Error in Mass Storage Unit.
Action: Check Mass Storage Unit. 
SCH3735 Cannot change data for superloop 24 or 28. 
SCH3736 Wrong number of inputs. 
SCH3737 Input out-of-range. 
SCH3738 Cannot delete Controller defined for the new Network/DTR loop. 
SCH3739 The M2006 DN is only allowed on key 0. 
SCH3740 A PRI2 TN can only be associated with a PRI2 route. 
SCH3741 The International Primary Rate Access (IPRA) package is not equipped. 
SCH3743 The Load Management (LMAN) package is not equipped. 
SCH3744 The Send Message (SMSG) and Get Message (GMSG) keys are only allowed on ACD sets.
SCH3745 The Send Message (SMSG) and Get Message (GMSG) keys are only allowed on M2000 series sets with a digit display. 
SCH3755 Input out-of-range. 
SCH3756 Table does not exist.
SCH3757 Invalid Target. The Target identifiers must be part of the Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP) or Uniform Dialing Plan (UDP). 
SCH3758 Do not define a Time Overflow Timer (TOFT) if a Day Table for Network ACD is to be created. Delete TOFT and create the Day Table. 
SCH3759 Do not define a Night Call Forward (NCFW) DN if a Night Table for Network ACD is to be created.
Action: Delete NCFW DN and create the Night Table. 
SCH3760 Network ACD Target Table is full. 
SCH3761 Table already exists. 
SCH3762 A Table must be specified for the NEW, CHG, and PRT commands. 
SCH3763 Timer for the Target is expected. 
SCH3764 Auxiliary Processor (AUX) message was not sent because enough Call Registers are lacking. Message is a table change update message. 
SCH3765 An ACD DN cannot be deleted if it has Target Tables assigned to it.
Action: Remove these Tables first. 
SCH3766 The Network ACD package 178 must be equipped to enter TYPE = NACD. 
SCH3767 No Target Table of that type exists for this ACD DN. 
SCH3768 Too many digits entered for this ACD DN. 
SCH3769 Not enough PDS available for that Target Table. 
SCH3770 The Network Services package 148, Enhanced Overflow package 178 and Network ACD package 207, are required for all remote targets. 
SCH3771 Network ACD package 178 is not equipped. 
SCH3772 Automatic Digit Display (ADD) or Digit Display Service (DDS) Class of Service (CLS) is required for this function. 
SCH3775 Cannot assign an ICI key to a route belonging to a different CPG. 
SCH3776 This Listed Directory Number (LDN) belongs to a different CPG and cannot be reused.
SCH3777 CPG basic package is not equipped. 
SCH3778 You cannot disable the Multi-Tenant (TENS) feature because some Console Presentation Groups (CPGs) still exist. For CPG 1-63, when TYPE = CPGP 
SCH3779 This customer has CPG Level Services feature enabled already. 
SCH3780 You cannot enable Console Presentation Group (CPG) Level services for this customer, because they have Departmentally Listed DNs (DLDNs) allowed. The CPG and DLDN features are mutually exclusive.
Action: Go to LD 15 and set DLDN to NO before enabling CPG. 
SCH3781 Cannot disable the CPG Level Services feature when CPG data blocks (1-63) still exist.
SCH3782 The basic attendant parameter block of the customer (CPG 0) does not exist. 
SCH3783 Shared Tenant Service is not allowed because the CPGs defined for Tenant Services overlap.
Action: Print out all the CPG Attendant definitions and verify that all Attendants belong to only one CPG at a time. 
SCH3784 CPG number is out-of-range (1-63). 
SCH3785 That CPG data block already exists. 
SCH3786 Cannot configure a CPG data block for a CPG without any attendants. 
SCH3787 CPG data block does not exist. 
SCH3788 Cannot delete a CPG data block when the CPG is still used by tenants/routes. 
SCH3789 Cannot remove a CPG while it’s associated CPG data block still exists. 
SCH3790 Cannot remove the last Attendant from the CPG definition while it’s CPG data block exists.
SCH3791 Warning: The ICI key definition of the route specified for the previous CPG data block will be used. 
SCH3792 You cannot remove a Customer Data Block (CDB) while CPG data blocks still exist.
Action: Remove the CPG data blocks in LD93. 
SCH3793 The CPG Level Services must be enabled before configuring a CPG data block. 
SCH3794 This customer has CPG Level Services feature enabled and therefore cannot enable the Department Listed DN (DLDN) feature. 
SCH3795 The CPG_DEFS/RTE_CPG ORDF block does not exist. Severe data corruption has occurred. Cannot proceed. 
SCH3796 x x x As the CPG feature is enabled, the Attendant consoles in customized CPGs are taken out automatically, where: x x x = the Attendant numbers taken out. 
SCH3797 That attendant number belongs to another CPG.
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