Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH3600 - 3699

SCH3600 If class is "VMA", class must also be "VCE"(duplicate of 3548). 
SCH3601 Directed Call Pickup not equipped. 
SCH3602 Values input are out-of-range. Valid input is 0-8190 for maximum number of SCL allowed for the system. 
SCH3603 Value entered is greater than NSCL currently defined. 
SCH3604 Cannot allocate memory for SCL header table. 
SCH3605 List number entered for SCL is greater than MSCL in the Configuration Record. 
SCH3606 SSCL number is out-of-range. 
SCH3607 Dialed Name Display cannot exist if CNDA is not configured. 
SCH3609 Notification Key Lamp (NKL) already exists for this DN. The set will be configured without it.
SCH3617 Account key already exists for this ACD set. 
SCH3618 Non-ACD sets cannot have an Account key. 
SCH3619 Account key cannot be assigned to a Virtual Agent. 
SCH3620 ACD Account Code package is not enabled.
SCH3621 ACD Package D is not equipped or the agent is not an ICCM acquired control agent.
SCH3622 Entry is out-of-range. 
SCH3623 External source number out-of-range. 
SCH3624 Flexible Incoming Tones customer options turned off. 
SCH3625 PBX Templates have exceeded 255.
Action: Run the Template Audit program. 
SCH3626 The asterisk * and octothorpe # are not allowed for IDC.
Action: Re-enter the characters. 
SCH3627 This customer does not have the IDC option enabled.
Action: Use LD 15 to enable IDC for the customer. 
SCH3628 An IDC tree exists for this customer, as defined in LD 49.
Action: Delete the IDC Tree. 
SCH3629 System Speed Call List number out-of-range. 
SCH3630 THF package is not equipped. 
SCH3631 THF key and DTA Class of Service are mutually exclusive. 
SCH3632 FLH timer out-of-range (256-1536 milliseconds). 
SCH3633 THF Class of Service not allowed for this trunk type 
SCH3634 Request for deleting IDGT is not in IDC table.
Action: Do PRT to confirm the existence. 
SCH3635 Conference Hot Line key can only be one-way (i.e., No DN assigned to key.)
Action: Re-enter a DN. 
SCH3636 x y Longer DN’s hundreds group conflict with a shorter hundreds group.
Action: Select a new DN group, where x is the conflicting hundreds group; y is the shorter existing hundreds group. See Busy Lamp Field feature requirements in X11 features and services (553-3001-305). 
SCH3637 x y A shorter existing DN’s hundreds group conflict with a longer hundreds.
Action: Select a new DN group, where x is the conflicting hundreds group; y is the longer existing hundreds group. See Busy Lamp Field feature requirements in X11 features and services (553-3001-305). 
SCH3639 Input expected for Do Not Disturb route. 
SCH3640 Private DN conflicts with existing DN. 
SCH3641 Cannot step to Private route. 
SCH3642 Invalid input for the Agent Observe Tone prompt.
Action: Valid attempts are NO, AGT or ALL. (The default = NO). 
SCH3643 NCOS, NFCR and IDC packages must be equipped. 
SCH3644 DC feature is not active. 
SCH3645 DRC route is out-of-range (0-511). 
SCH3646 DRC route does not exist. 
SCH3647 DRC route must be DID. 
SCH3648 DRC route IDC feature is not active. 
SCH3649 DRC route is controlled by a BSC set.
Action: Remove BSC set DRC key that controls the NKDM feature. 
SCH3650 Input for the maximum redirection counter value out-of-range (0-5). 
SCH3651 Pretranslation block does not exist.
Action: Set up pretranslation data block on LD 18. 
SCH3652 The Data Agent Login option = YES. The Virtual Agent option is invalid when DAL = YES.
Action: Respond to DAL prompt with NO. 
SCH3653 Pretranslation data block already exists. 
SCH3654 Pretranslation data block cannot be removed if PREO = 1.
Action: Set PREO = 0 in LD 15. 
SCH3655 MOV command is not allowed. 
SCH3656 Pretranslation package is restricted.
Action: Enable pretranslation package. 
SCH3657 Must set PREO in LD 15 to have pretranslation block printout. 
SCH3658 CS key requires that the Speed call or System Speed Call package is equipped. 
SCH3659 Cannot remove CDB if pretranslation block pointer not Nil.
Action: Remove pretranslation data block (LD 18). 
SCH3661 An external DN has been entered for the CFW key when CFXD is the Class of Service.
Action: Configure an internal DN for this sets CFW key. 
SCH3662 CFXD has been enabled while the set has an external DN configured for the CFW key.
Action: Remove the external CFW DN before setting the CFXD Class of Service. 
SCH3663 Another SL-1 set already controls DRC route. New DRC key must control a DID route not currently controlled by a SL-1 set. 
SCH3664 Another KEY already controls the same DRC route. Only one DRC key is allowed per DID route. 
SCH3665 IDC option was changed from ON to OFF. Route IDC option cannot be turned off because a BSC set controls it (a DRC key has been configured for a set).
Action: Use LD 81 to find and Release the TN with the TRC key. Use LD 11 to NUL the key.
SCH3666 PR12 loop can only be moved to another PRI loop. 
SCH3667 International PRA (PRA2) package is not equipped. 
SCH3668 Loop number entered is not a PR12 loop. 
SCH3669 ABCD applies only if the DT12 package is equipped. 
SCH3670 User either tried to configure ISDN on a CCB route or tried to configure CCB on an ISDN route.
Action: Either disable CCB on the route and try configuring ISDN again or set ISDN to NO before setting CCB to YES. 
SCH3671 Attempt to out a PRI2 loop from DLOP prompt.
Action: Use a PRI2 prompt to out a PRI2 loop. 
SCH3672 Attempt to configure an ISDN route without the customer configured for ISDN, or without DCH configured.
Action: Configure customer with ISDN in LD 15. 
SCH3673 Customer IDC option cannot be disabled because SL-1 sets control DID route Day/Night mode.
Action: First NUL all DRC keys on customer SL-1 sets. 
SCH3674 Cannot out an MCAD entry.
SCH3675 MCAD entry does not exist. 
SCH3676 MCAD entry already exists. 
SCH3678 Null MCAD entry is not allowed. MCAD entry 0 is already defined as a continuous tone.
SCH3679 Meridian digital set package not equipped. 
SCH3680 AOM input is out-of-range. 
SCH3681 Corresponding data TN is defined. Cannot assign key 7, its local program now. 
SCH3682 Digit display Class of Service (ADD, DDS) is on. Cannot assign key 7 its local program now.
SCH3683 For 2X16 set, handsfree Class of Service is defined. Cannot assign key 15 as it is now a handsfree key. 
SCH3684 The M2006 set does not support Digit Display Class of Service. 
SCH3685 The M2008, M2616, and M2216 sets with key 7 defined as a feature key already cannot assign Digit Display COS. 
SCH3686 The M2008, M2616, and M2216 sets with key 7 defined for its corresponding data TN cannot assign Digit Display COS. 
SCH3687 The M2016 set cannot be assigned DTA CLS. 
SCH3688 The M2000 series data TN key 7 cannot be configured.
SCH3689 The M2000 series data TN key 7 (or key 5 for M2006) of the corresponding voice TN is defined. 
SCH3690 The M2616 set with key 15 defined, cannot assign HFA CLS. 
SCH3691 TOV input out-of-range. 
SCH3692 Wrong OPE input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3693 Wrong TRAN input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3694 Wrong PAR input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3695 Wrong DTR input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3696 Wrong DUP input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3697 Wrong HOT input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3698 Wrong AUT input. Cannot match mnemonics. 
SCH3699 Wrong BAUD input. Cannot match mnemonics.
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