Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH3300 - 3399

SCH3300 The DN or Position ID is invalid, it must be unique.
SCH3301 The conditions for entering this item have not been met.
SCH3302 Copy count is out-of-range.
SCH3303 Cannot copy the TN to a DLI loop.
SCH3304 Last Hunt key number is out-of-range.
SCH3305 The Source TN cannot be a Virtual Agent.
SCH3306 The Source TN cannot be an ACD Supervisor.
SCH3307 CLS = IMA, but there is no LTN or APL defined.
SCH3308 Cannot copy to a relocating set TN.
SCH3309 CLS = TENA, but there is no tenant number defined.
SCH3310 Must have MWA for UST key operation.
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