Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH3200 - 3299

SCH3200 FGNO out-of-range.
SCH3201 Specified FGD block has not been defined.
SCH3202 MOV is invalid for TYPE FGDB or ANI.
SCH3203 PRT is invalid for TYPE CRB.
SCH3204 Requested FGD block does not exist.
SCH3205 Music trunk does not exist.
SCH3206 Call Park package not equipped.
SCH3207 Call Park not activated for the customer.
SCH3208 Call Park data block already exists.
SCH3209 Call Park data block does not exist.
SCH3210 System park DN input not allowed.
SCH3211 FDN not allowed unless COS is FNA or MWA.
SCH3212 Loop assignment exceeds system loop limit (Flexible Pricing).
SCH3213 Warning: STOR again.
SCH3214 IMM response forced for STAR if DN exist for ATDN or MNDN.
SCH3215 If AUTO is set and TKTP is TIE, SIG cannot be ESN3.
SCH3216 CDL package is not equipped.
SCH3218 ISA package is restricted.
SCH3219 PRI mode cannot be changed when associated with DCHI.
SCH3220 No toll digits are specified for outgoing toll calls.
SCH3221 Unable to match input with mnemonic (for density).
SCH3222 Card density greater than loop density.
SCH3223 Card density too low for entered unit number.
SCH3224 New card density too low for configured units.
SCH3225 Entered density greater then MPED.
SCH3226 New MPED value lower then configured loop density.
SCH3227 R2/MFC signaling (MFC) required to have CNA Class of Service.
SCH3228 CNA or CND Class of Service allowed only for DID trunks.
SCH3229 New MPED value lower than default card densities.
SCH3230 Default card density greater than the loop density.
SCH3231 Odd numbered DTR units not supported.
SCH3232 Unit number in response to TOTN higher than card density.
SCH3233 Card densities on source loop incompatible with destination loop.
SCH3234 Equipped shelf numbers on source loop incompatible with destination loop.
SCH3235 An attempt was made to increment the max tn(s).
SCH3236 FFC block already exists.
SCH3237 FFC block does not exist.
SCH3238 FFC package unequipped.
SCH3239 Invalid password.
SCH3240 Entry out-of-range.
SCH3241 External source number out-of-range.
SCH3242 Invalid FFC mnemonic.
SCH3243 64K clear can be selected only when LCMT is B8S.
SCH3244 DTD package not equipped.
SCH3245 Minimum DTD delay out-of-range.
SCH3246 Parameter out-of-range (0-15).
SCH3247 Null input not accepted.
SCH3248 Entry should be 0 or 1.
SCH3249 Dial tone not specified.
SCH3250 Input field is greater than 4.
SCH3251 Announcement package not equipped.
SCH3252 Input out-of-range (0-15 for internal) (0-7 for external).
SCH3253 Invalid tone or source number.
SCH3254 Loop number not associated with DCHI number/BCHI number.
SCH3255 Analog route cannot be PRA.
SCH3256 Yellow alarm was changed to DG2 because the frame format was changed to other than ESF.
SCH3257 Cannot configure DCH when the other port on the card is not configured as TTY
SCH3258 Loop number must be given with the sequence number.
SCH3259 Loop can be removed only when none of its channels are configured for Bchannel signaling.
SCH3260 The TTY Port must be configured ASYNC when the other port on the same card is a DCHI or BCHI.
SCH3261 BCHI must have different value from DCHI.
SCH3262 There is at least one ISDN route. PRA = NO is not allowed.
SCH3263 HNPA, HLOC, and HNXX must be given for new customer.
SCH3264 Radio paging system does not exist.
SCH3265 Radio paging block already exists.
SCH3266 Not a Radio paging system route.
SCH3267 STEP to ISA route is not allowed.
SCH3268 PSA length out-of-range, (1-4).
SCH3269 Mode digit out-of-range, (0-9).
SCH3270 Radio paging system number out-of-range (0-15).
SCH3271 DN out-of-range.
SCH3272 PSA out-of-range.
SCH3273 Invalid system type for CO trunk.
SCH3274 Radio Paging data must be removed before changing system type.
SCH3275 Higher station group number exists.
SCH3276 SGRP out-of-range (1-127).
SCH3277 Out-of-range (1 to MAXN).
SCH3278 MAX cannot be reduced below existing PRXL/GRNO number.
SCH3279 PRXL table/entry already exists.
SCH3280 PRXL table does not exist.
SCH3281 Pretranslation package restricted.
SCH3282 Input number out-of-range (0-9).
SCH3283 Input must be 0-9999, or ABS, OVF, X.
SCH3284 Pretranslation table size must be either 10 or 100.
SCH3285 Pretranslation data of this customer does not exist.
SCH3286 Indices x1-x9 of XLTI, x not allowed.
SCH3287 Invalid command; must be one of NEW/CHG/OUT/END.
SCH3288 Trunk TYPE = not allowed with PRI loop.
SCH3289 PRI loop can be moved to PRI loop only.
SCH3290 Invalid maximum PE density keyword.
SCH3291 Attempted to configure PE as being SD while some DD terminals still exist.
SCH3292 Invalid card density keyword.
SCH3293 Card density is higher than ICCP density.
SCH3294 Entered card density is too low for the new unit.
SCH3295 Attempted to lower card density while upper units were still equipped.
SCH3296 Card is already equipped.
SCH3297 Card is not equipped.
SCH3298 Card density is higher than maximum PE density.
SCH3299 Change is not allowed for single density loop at card level.
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