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SCH3100 - 3199

SCH3106 Unable to match input with stored mnemonics (trunk group option ESN.
SCH3107 Only WNK start allowed with ESN signaling arrangement.
SCH3108 Trunk group has non-wink-start members. Trunk arrangement must be wink start for ESN.
SCH3109 Duplicate Routing Controls key assigned to attendant console.
SCH3110 Speed Call List does not exist.
SCH3111 Wrong number of input fields for RNGE.
SCH3112 Attempted to assign a System Speed Call List number to a Speed Call List key or attempted to assign a Speed Call List number to a System Speed Call key.
SCH3113 Low or high range must not exceed number of valid entries.
SCH3114 Answer and disconnect supervision required for ESN proprietary signaling.
SCH3115 Trunk does not have answer and disconnect supervision.
SCH3116 Expensive route cannot be assigned to an ESN trunk group.
SCH3117 Cannot configure any odd loop adjacent to an even service loop in the same card slot.
SCH3118 Service loops must be even numbered loops.
SCH3119 Cannot configure even service loops adjacent to another odd loop in the same card slot.
SCH3120 Extender group number not in range 0-4.
SCH3121 No logical TN (LTN) can be found.
SCH3122 The number of ACD Agents requested exceeds the number of positions left for this group.
SCH3123 The Source TN cannot be a Dial Intercom set.
SCH3124 The Source TNs Data DN key is not copied.
SCH3125 CLS = MWD is not valid when the set has UST assigned.
SCH3126 You cannot assign more than two (2) AST keys on a single SL-1 set.
SCH3127 Invalid AST key type. Only MCR, MCN, SCR and SCn key are supported.
SCH3128 Two (2) AST keys are defined for the same DN on this SL-1 set.
SCH3129 This DN already has AST assigned.
SCH3130 VASID may not be defaulted for DNIS or CCR.
SCH3135 The ACD NSVC key already exists for this ACD-DN.
SCH3136 NIGHT DN: define the associated minute with the hour defined.
SCH3137 NIGHT DN: define the associated hour with the Night DN defined.
SCH3138 Night service times are not in ascending order.
SCH3139 Cannot copy a digital voice TN to a digital data TN. Also, you cannot copy a digital data TN to a digital voice TN.
SCH3140 Set-type of the new TN does not match with the set-type of the corresponding voice/data TN.
SCH3141 Customer number of the new TN does not match the customer number for the corresponding voice/data TN.
SCH3142 Tree digits input are invalid.
Action: Re-input the proper and valid tree digits.
SCH3146 Trunk type of a route cannot be changed.
SCH3147 Primary Rate Access (PRA) package not equipped.
SCH3148 ISDN Signaling Link (ISL) package not equipped.
SCH3149 Neither ESL, PRA nor PRA2 package not equipped.
SCH3150 A value between 1-382 must be entered for all shared and ESL D-channels. {CR} not allowed for new ESL.
SCH3151 The ISL trunk still exists. Changing mode; decreasing the ISLM below the existing CHIDs or removing DCHI is not allowed.
SCH3152 Mode or DCHI change is only allowed if trunks have been removed.
SCH3153 No default allowed.
SCH3154 Route mode does not match DCHI user in the Configuration Editor.
SCH3155 Maximum number of PNI are already assigned.
SCH3156 PNI is assigned to a different customer.
SCH3157 Primary Rate Interface (PRI) hardware is required.
SCH3158 ISDN B-channel trunk parameters cannot be changed when the trunk is busy.
SCH3159 Wrong number of input fields for CHID.
SCH3160 CHID is out-of-range.
Action: Check ISL MAX in the Configuration Record.
SCH3161 IFC type of D250 or ESS4 requires IEC package.
SCH3162 In LD 14 a duplicate CHID has been entered. This CHID already exists.
SCH3170 ISA must be selected with PRI loops only.
SCH3171 IFC for ISA route must be changed to ESS4 first and then the IFC for the service route can be changed to ESS4.
SCH3172 D-CH block pointer is NIL.
SCH3173 Must provide COT route number.
SCH3174 ISA route can be deleted if ISDN service routes do not step to it.
SCH3175 Warning: IFC for service route does not match IFC for route. Changing IFC between ESS4/ESS5 and D100/D250/S100/SL1 is not allowed.
SCH3176 Only one service route with a specific service type can be assigned to an ISA route (IFC = ESS4).
SCH3177 SID value must be unique.
SCH3178 If a CO route exists, enter route number for prompt COTR. If a WATS route exists, enter route number for prompt WATR. If a TIE route exists, enter route number for prompt TIER. Otherwise, the ISA route is inoperative and overflow tone is given.
SCH3179 Trunk(s) cannot be removed if the remaining number of trunks are less than the sum of the minimum number of reserved trunks.
SCH3180 The MAX value exceeds the number of trunks configured for the ISA route.
SCH3181 Zero (0) is not allowed for IEC.
SCH3182 B-channel(s) on a PRI loop must be moved to a PRI loop configured with a Dchannel.
SCH3183 Incorrect number of digits entered.
SCH3184 At least one route is using this block; FGNO of that route must be changed before removing FGD block. A list of routes using this block is printed.
SCH3185 Too many Service Access Codes (maximum is 8).
SCH3186 Information digit (II) numbers are not in ascending order.
SCH3187 There are spaces in the Information digits (II) table.
SCH3188 Up to 255 MFR units may be defined.
SCH3190 FGD package is not equipped.
SCH3191 Wrong input parameters.
SCH3192 DN is assigned to another function.
SCH3193 DN is assigned to a different test line.
SCH3194 The DN for the associated Loop Reference trunk is not assigned. Printed in response to TST DN.
SCH3195 Directory number conflict of input parameters.
SCH3196 Not enough memory available.
SCH3197 Mini-CDR tape + History File and number of TTYs is greater than 16.
SCH3198 STRI and STRO must be WNK for FGDT trunks.
SCH3199 FGDT and M911 trunks must have MFR COS.
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