Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH3000 - 3099

SCH3000 IMS package not equipped.
SCH3001 LTN table pointer not defined. Data corrupted.
SCH3002 APL user cannot share TTY. APL user already defined.
SCH3003 APL user cannot share TTY. Other user already defined.
SCH3004 Cannot remove APL TTY without first removing all users using this TTY.
SCH3005 All APL TTY devices must be disabled first.
SCH3006 The APL TTY is not defined in Configuration Record
SCH3007 The APL TTY is already defined.
SCH3008 The APL TTY is out-of-range (0-15).
SCH3009 The APL TTY is previously removed.
SCH3010 Invalid APL link.
SCH3011 Response of NO not allowed. IMA, UST, or UMG is active.
SCH3012 The APL TTY is out-of-range (0-15).
SCH3013 The APL link is shared by other user.
SCH3014 The specified APL is not defined in customer data block.
SCH3015 Caution: This command will remove all UST key users using this ACD (use ODAS to print all UST key users). If no UST key users, ignore the error message.
SCH3016 Telephone message timer (UMT) is out-of-range (2-15).
SCH3017 Response NO not allowed. IMS option is defined.
SCH3018 If any of the IMA, UST or UMG features are ON, then the CSL option (CMS) may not be changed.
SCH3019 Trunk CLS must be MFR if the trunk is a member of the CAMA route using Bell M2B signaling.
SCH3020 IMA Class of Service is not allowed for this customer.
SCH3021 Carriage return in LTN field with APL link undefined.
SCH3022 TN number is already defined.
SCH3023 LTN number is out-of-range (1-253).
SCH3024 LTN link number is not defined in customer data block.
SCH3025 IMA Class of Service requires key 0 to be an ACD key.
SCH3026 UST key desired, but UST is restricted.
SCH3027 UST key desired, but UST ALLOWED bit not set in CDB.
SCH3028 All members of the CAMA Route using Bell Signaling M2B need to have MFR Class of Service.
SCH3030 Only Digitone sending/receiving allowed with ESN signaling arrangement.  
SCH3031 Trunk members must have Digitone sending/receiving.
SCH3032 Invalid TN in trunk route trunk list.
SCH3033 Wrong number of input fields for prompt FDN.
SCH3034 Flexible DN conflicts with existing DN.
SCH3035 Invalid DN type for CFNA DN.
SCH3036 Cannot remove IMS with IMA UST or UMG allowed.
SCH3037 Cannot remove IMA with APL defined.
SCH3038 Cannot remove UST with APL defined.
SCH3039 Cannot remove UMG with APL defined.
SCH3040 Cannot remove APL with user defined in ACD block.
SCH3041 Cannot remove MCX with IMA, UST, or UMG allowed.
SCH3042 MCI option not enabled.
SCH3044 CLS IMA defined requires that the IMA option in ACD block be defined.
SCH3045 LTN link is not the same as APL defined in this ACD block.
SCH3046 UST key desired, but FDN, or HUNT is not an ACD DN.
SCH3047 UST key desired, but UST not allowed in ACD block.
SCH3048 UST key desired, but APL link not defined in ACD block.
SCH3049 Key type already defined on this telephone. More than one key of this type per telephone not permitted.
SCH3050 MWD is invalid when telephone has MWK/XMWK/RMWK assigned.
Action: Delete MWK/XMWK/RMWK keys before changing the CLS option to MWD.
SCH3051 Repeat command not allowed for music trunks.
SCH3052 Existing card type conflicts with this overlay program.
SCH3053 Wrong set type to assign this Class of Service.
SCH3054 Wrong set type to assign this key mnemonic.
Action: The CSD key is only applicable to Aries sets with display.
SCH3055 The Digital telephone package is not equipped.
SCH3056 Hot line package not equipped.
SCH3057 DN length does not match the given DN. Too many digits.
Action: Enter ADL/CFW DN with configured ADL/CFW DN length size.
SCH3058 Wrong number of input fields.
SCH3059 DN length out-of-range (1-31).
Action: Enter DN length of 1 -31 digits.
SCH3060 Class of Service must be MNL.
SCH3061 This feature not allowed for Hot Lines.
SCH3062 Invalid Hot Line DN.
SCH3067 Signal destination timer is out-of-range (384-2048).
SCH3069 Last preference key number is out-of-range.
SCH3070 Line selection package is not equipped.
SCH3071 A restart is caused if anything other than YES or {CR} is entered.
SCH3072 Deluxe Hold package is not equipped.
SCH3073 LFTN customer conflicts with customer to be changed.
SCH3074 Outgoing start arr. is not equal to incoming start arr.
SCH3075 A list number of this type does not exist.
SCH3080 Hot Line lists need to be defined in LD 18.
SCH3081 Hot Line list length out-of-range.
SCH3082 Flexible Hot Line not allowed by list entry method.
SCH3083 Invalid DN; already assigned to non-enhanced Hot Line set.
SCH3085 Hot Line list number mismatch.
SCH3086 List already defined as Hot Line list.
SCH3087 Set has EHTA COS; need to define Hot Line at FTR.
SCH3088 Conflict with EHTA COS; telephone has either LNA, LLC1, LLC2, LLC3, MNL, or Permanent Hold features enabled.
SCH3089 EHTD not allowed. DN is shared with another defined Hot Line set.
Action: User must OUT and re-create the telephone.
SCH3090 DN already defined as Enhanced Hot Line or two-way Hot Line key.
SCH3091 Illegal digit for list entry.
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