Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH2500 - 2599

SCH2501 An attempt was made to change a telephone that is in the process of relocating.
SCH2502 A request other than NEW or OUT was used in conjunction with type CARD.  
SCH2503 An attempt was made to service change a telephone that SET-RELOCATE was working on.
SCH2504 An invalid TN was entered when adding or removing a card.
SCH2505 An attempt was made to remove a card that has equipped units.
SCH2506 An attempt was made to change a set that belongs to a different customer.  
SCH2507 An attempt was made to change a set that is busy.
SCH2508 ALOW or DENY was expected as an input but was not received.
SCH2509 An invalid Prime DN has been entered. It is not unique or is not a Prime DN.  
SCH2510 Attendant Administration Package is not equipped.
SCH2511 History File feature package restricted.
SCH2512 Not enough PDS to allocate History File of requested size. Followed by (allocated size) and (requested size).
SCH2513 Invalid user for History File.
SCH2514 History, traffic or TTY file is empty.
SCH2515 No new messages added to History File since last printout.
SCH2517 Attendant Overflow Position package restricted.
SCH2521 Not enough digits entered.
SCH2522 Invalid entry for prompt CFW (not DENY or CFW).
SCH2523 Invalid entry for prompt SPC (not DENY, SCC, or SCU).
SCH2524 An attempt was made to assign an ACD or MC key to an SL-1 set.
SCH2525 Mini-CDR package is not equipped.
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