Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH2100 - 2199

SCH2100 Only one input field allowed.
SCH2101 MXLN cannot be reduced once defined.
SCH2102 CPND data block does not exist.
SCH2103 Invalid command for stand alone CPND.
SCH2104 Response to TYPE must be NAME.
SCH2105 CPND data block already exists.
SCH2106 Invalid CPND configuration.
SCH2107 Cannot change CPND configuration.
SCH2108 MXLN out-of-range (5-27).
SCH2109 Only YES or NO allowed.
SCH2110 Response to STAL must be YES with BGD package.
SCH2111 DFLN out-of-range.
SCH2112 Cannot remove CPND data block while names exist for DN.
SCH2113 Cannot remove CPND data base while names exist.
SCH2114 Invalid response to DIG.
SCH2115 CPND name does not exist.
SCH2116 CPND name already exists.
SCH2117 Invalid character for Name. If the NAME prompt will not accept any characters and PKG 211 is configured, verify that the input terminal is configured to send 8 bit characters.
SCH2118 Too many input characters.
SCH2119 Invalid response to DN.
SCH2120 Digit display cannot be removed because RMK/MRK key configured.
SCH2121 Invalid input to MR prompt.
SCH2122 PSP/PIP CLS only allowed for loop start trunks with disconnect super.
SCH2123 MRA/MRD not allowed unless Message Registration (MR) package is enabled. PSP is mutually exclusive with JCO/LST.
SCH2124 MRK key must be assigned to a key/lamp pair.
SCH2125 MRK key set must have digit display assigned.
SCH2126 Manual and Hot Line telephones can have LLCN COS only.
SCH2127 XPLN out-of-range; from entered Name’s length to MXLN.
SCH2128 TOFT value must be from 2 to 1800 at OVDN prompt.
SCH2129 All ACD DNs specified for OVDN must be unique.
SCH2130 dn ACD DN cannot answer TOF calls for this source ACD DN because it already services 6 source ACD DNs. dn = target ACD DN.
SCH2131 dn When deleting the Target ACD DN (dn) from a source with TOFT defined, could not find the source TOF queue address within the target’s unprotected block. Possible data corruption which may result in BUG688 and source TOF calls not terminating to target agents.
Action: Manual INIT. or run Audit recommended. If this persists, inform operating company.
SCH2132 Prior to Release 16, PSP CLS is mutually exclusive with LST and JCO CLS. For Release 16 and later, PSP CLS is mutually exclusive with JDID and JCO CLS.
SCH2133 Cannot use X to delete EFD/EHT. Consult your user manual.
SCH2134 SFA requires FNA and MWD COS.
SCH2135 Power down and power up, or enable, or service change the M2317 telephone that is using this speed/system call list after this Speed Call List is changed.
SCH2137 Wrong set type, cannot assign maintenance set class.
SCH2138 This is a data set TN. It cannot have MTC class.
SCH2139 DN assignment not allowed on this key.
SCH2140 Must set or change the SID value when the IFC or NSF of the route is changed.  
SCH2141 Max value must be specified when the NSF or IFC or the route is changed.  
SCH2142 Priority is out-of-range. The Range is from 1 to the Maximum Priority for the ACDDN of the defined agent.
SCH2143 DNIS route must either auto-terminate or IDC.
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