Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH1100 - 1199

SCH1100 Response to EMG must be one of CON, MEM, or NO.
SCH1101 Input does not match stored mnemonics.
SCH1102 Group number is out-of-range (0-9).
SCH1103 Invalid response to prompt GRP.
SCH1104 Controller already exists for this group.
SCH1105 Group is full (10 members, 1 controller).
SCH1106 CFNA and BFSE recall cannot be allowed at the same time.
SCH1107 CTL for this customer exists already.
SCH1108 Trace data does not exist for this customer.
SCH1109 Invalid request for call trace data.
SCH1110 A DN must be entered for prompt NITE. A night DN cannot be removed, but can be changed.
SCH1111 A valid response = YES, NO, or {CR}.
SCH1112 TN block already exists and is not another bell.
SCH1113 Not a valid Trace DN.
SCH1114 DN is already in list.
SCH1115 DN is not in list.
SCH1136 The given prefix table already exists. Action: The number entered for the prefix table must be changed.
SCH1137 Cannot remove non-existing table.
Action: The number entered for the prefix table must be changed.
SCH1138 Invalid entry for NPI.
Action: Give any one of the following valid NPI values UNKN, E164, PRIV< E163, TELX, X121, NATL.
SCH1139 Invalid entry for TON.
Action: Give any one of the following valid TON values UNKN, INTL, NATL, ESPN, LOCL, ELOC, ECDP.
SCH1140 Invalid entry for PREF.
Action: Maximum of four digit Access Prefix value can have allowed digit entry as either numerals 0-9 or character "#".
SCH1141 The table number specified is not configured or is out-of-range.
Action: The table number must be configured with the value range 0-16.
SCH1191 The RCAP MQC is only allowed if the MEET package is equipped.
SCH1192 The RCAP MQC is only allowed for QSIG GF interface type.
SCH1193 This entry is not allowed for MQC_FEAT prompt as the corresponding package is restricted.
SCH1194 Alternate day out-of-range.
Action: Enter in the range 1-7.
SCH1195 The response to DAY0-3 or HOL_OPT prompt cannot be deleted as it is not included.
Action: Enter an existing alternate day for DAY0-3 or AHOL for HOL_OPT.
SCH1196 Holidays cannot be changed or deleted (CRHOL_CHG/OUT) while creating a new CDB.
Action: Add holidays with CRHOL = NEW.
SCH1197 Holiday list is full (20 entries). Cannot add anymore holidays.
SCH1198 Holiday day list is empty. No holiday to delete.
SCH1199 Invalid date.
Action: Enter in the format dd mm [yyyy]
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