Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH1000 - 1099

SCH1000 Secondary TN must be the second unit which is contiguous to the prime TN (which is on the first line).
Action: Enter the prime and secondary TN again.
SCH1001 TNTRANS failed on remove from core. Corrupted data in memory.
Action: System should be reloaded. If the fault persists, contact your technical support group.
SCH1003 CNUA/CNAA Class of Service needs to be defined before GZPA is defined. This SCH is for Overlay 10.
SCH1009 XMWK and RMWK keys are supported only on MMT sets.
Action: Configure on MMT sets.
SCH1030 Port name specified could not be found. PTTP reprompt ed.
SCH1031 Route member port type will not be recorded. Memory allocation failed.
SCH1032 Route member port type assignment performed without previous stored default port type status information.
SCH1033 Invalid number of responses to the LSPN prompt. Only one is allowed.
SCH1034 Specified loss plan is not available.
SCH1035 Response required for RESTORE prompt.
SCH1036 Response to RESTORE prompt must be either YES or NO.
SCH1037 Wrong number of response parameters to the HEAD prompt.
SCH1038 Response to HEAD prompt was not YES, NO or {CR}.
SCH1039 A unit being modified has been previously assigned the port type that was not the default for the configuration, and will not be assigned the default port type for the new configuration.
SCH1098 The VID7 supplementary service needs voice and data configuration.
Action: Configure the supported call type for voice and data.
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