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SCH0800 - 0899

SCH0802 Specified loop has no valid TN.
SCH0803 Specified loop-shelf has no valid TN.
SCH0804 Specified loop-shelf-card has no valid TN.
SCH0805 Specified TN is invalid.
SCH0806 CLI in CLS requires Analog CLI package to be equipped.
Action: Equip the Analog CLI package #349.
SCH0807 TN is valid but unable to match type.
SCH0808 TYPE is invalid.
SCH0809 Too many parameters for LUC.
SCH0810 Incompatible wireless card density.
Action: Service change is not allowed. If MWUN needs to be changed, remove all units on the line card and reconfigure. If new units are being configured, all units must have the same value of MWUN as the existing units. MWUN can be changed from 16 to 32, to cause all units to change. MWUN can be changed from 32 to 16 only if no units have a unit number < 15. If any units exist with >15, a SCH0810 message will be generated for the changed unit.
SCH0811 System has no unused cards.
SCH0812 Specified loop has no unused cards.
SCH0813 Specified loop-shelf has no unused cards.
SCH0814 Specified loop-shelf-card is not unused.
SCH0815 Specified loop-shelf-card-unit is not unused.
SCH0816 Invalid month in response to prompt.
SCH0817 Invalid day (from) or (to).
SCH0818 Invalid date for History File. Must be mmdd, LAST or ALL.
SCH0819 CTI/CTO response to RCAP is not allowed for interfaces that are different from ESGF/ISGF.
Action: Configure an ETSI or ISO QSIG GF interface.
SCH0820 An attempt is made to configure RCAP to CTI (resp. CTO) when CTO (resp. CTI) is already configured.
Action: Remove the RCAP CTO first (or RCAP CTI res
SCH0821 System has no unused units.
SCH0822 Specified loop has no unused units.
SCH0823 Specified loop-shelf has no unused units.
SCH0824 Specified loop-shelf-card has no unused units.
SCH0825 Specified TN is not unused.
SCH0826 History File buffer not defined.
SCH0827 TN (or part) is valid but no unused units of the requested type were found.
SCH0828 History File must be output before erasing file.
SCH0829 Invalid date range for History File.
SCH0830 Data entry invalid dd (day 1-31) mm (month 1st 3 letters of month) yy (year xxxx).
SCH0831 No system date exists.
SCH0832 Incorrect response to PAGE (YES/NO).
SCH0833 DES must be 1-6 alphanumeric characters.
SCH0834 All associated service routes must be deleted before the NI-2 CBC master route can be removed.
SCH0835 The trunk route type and the service type, mismatch.
Action: Input the correct decimal value of the service.
SCH0836 The NI-2 package is not equipped.
Action: Install the NI-2 package.
SCH0837 The service has been configured in this NI-2 CBC master route.
Action: Use other service type.
SCH0838 The Backup D-channel is not supported for VNS.
Action: Invalid DCH number entered for PDCH.
SCH0839 A 3 digit or 4 digit input is expected.
Action: Use the correct input.
SCH0840 NI-2 CBC IntraLATA OUTWATS are already defined.
SCH0841 NI-2 CBC InterLATA OUTWATS are already defined.
SCH0842 Interface type not supported. ISA does not support NI-2.
SCH0853 CAC Conversion Entry is not defined in the ANI Block of the Customer Data Block. The CAC Conversion Entry is stored in the database.
Action: Define a CAC Conversion Entry in the customer data block.
SCH0854 The entry is not configured. The CAC entry cannot be deleted.
SCH0855 Access code does not exist or is invalid.
SCH0856 Null line not allowed for customer.
SCH0857 Customer has no data blocks of correct type.
SCH0858 Route number does not exist.
SCH0859 Route number out-of-range.
SCH0860 No restricted (or allowed) codes found. Block is clear.
SCH0861 No route data block or members for the specified route number.
SCH0862 No code restriction block for the specified route number or access code.
SCH0871 The Mobility package is not present.
Action: Contact your technical support group.
SCH0872 A Phantom loop is not available.
Action: Configure a Phantom loop from Overlay 97.
SCH0873 The CAC Conversation table entry already exists.
SCH0874 When creating a new customer, only default tables (number 0) are configurable for prompt R_ENTRY, MFC_ENT and CIS_ENT.
Action: Answer 0 or {CR} to the prompt.
SCH0875 There are still EIMC/MXC card(s) associated with this MISP.
Action: In order to remove the MISP/MOBILITY application, remove all EIMC/ MXC cards from the MISP using Mobility MAT platform.
SCH0877 Invalid DN. Zeros not allowed.
SCH0878 Invalid DN. Null line not allowed.
SCH0879 No TN hunt to specified DN.
SCH0880 Valid DN found but of wrong type.
SCH0881 No valid DN can be found starting with specified digits.
SCH0882 Invalid DN. Zeroes not allowed.
SCH0883 Invalid DN type in DN block.
SCH0884 Loop entered is not a DTI/PRI loop. 9LD 73).
SCH0885 ICS data associated with the loop is removed (LD 17) and the default value of FF (UNASSIGNED PCM CODE) is sent to the remote end.
SCH0886 Shorter DN number exists.
SCH0888 No customer data block can be found.
SCH0889 No route blocks can be found for this customer.
SCH0890 ACD DN conflict. Data blocks not correctly set up for this ACD DN.
SCH0891 Low speed link already assigned.
SCH0892 High speed link already assigned.
SCH0893 Low speed link device must be disabled before changes.
SCH0894 High speed link device must be disabled before changes.
SCH0895 No other user is allowed for an existing low speed link.
SCH0896 No other user is allowed for an existing high speed link.
SCH0897 AUX processor package not equipped.
SCH0898 NOO cannot be used with CDL, CAM, ACD, HSL, or LSL.
SCH0899 NOO must be used with one or more of MTC, TRF, SCH, CTY, or BUG.
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