Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH0700 - 0799

SCH0700 ACD can only be for key 0.
SCH0701 Input must be one of (NEW, OUT, CHG, PRT, END).
SCH0702 Wrong number of input fields for prompt.
SCH0703 Null input not permitted.
SCH0704 Input should be ACD/SCB.
SCH0705 Unable to find an ACD block.
SCH070 Shorter Directory Number already exists.
SCH0707 DN conflicts with existing number.
SCH0708 DN conflicts with existing longer number.
SCH0709 ACD DN must exist for NEW, CHG, OUT, PRT commands.
SCH0710 ACD list is full.
SCH0711 ACD DN must not exist for NEW command.
SCH0712 ACD LIST does not exist. Data corrupted.
Action: Perform SYSLOAD.
SCH0713 ACD block must exist. Data corrupted.
Action: Perform SYSLOAD.
SCH0714 ACD DN and ACD block already exist for this customer.
SCH0715 Unable to locate ACD data for this customer. Data corrupted.
Action: Perform SYSLOAD.
SCH0716 ACD DN conflict.
SCH0717 ACD DN does not exist.
SCH0718 ACD-ID (DN) already exists.
SCH0719 ACD positions are full. Cannot add more.
SCH0720 Logical unit is not of required type.
SCH0721 SCB must exist for CHG, OUT, or PRT command.
SCH0722 SCB must not exist for NEW command.
SCH0723 Maximum ACD positions out-of-range (1-240).
SCH0724 Route input out-of-range (0-30).
SCH0725 Cannot remove ACD data when ACD positions are active.
SCH0726 First/Second RAN time input out-of-range (0-2044).
SCH0727 ACD-NITE-CFWD Interflow DN exceeds 16 digits.
SCH0728 ACD positions list cannot be decreased in size without removing agents.
SCH0729 ACD list is full.
SCH0730 DN conflicts with existing number.
SCH0731 Null input not permitted.
SCH0732 Wrong number of input parameters.
SCH0733 Unable to match input field with stored mnemonics.
SCH0734 Route number out-of-range (0-30).
SCH0735 Hold Recall timer value out-of-range (0-512).
SCH0736 Cannot remove CAS while CAS keys are present.
SCH0737 CAS does not exist for this customer.
SCH0738 No further CAS keys allowed for this customer.
SCH0739 CAS key data corrupted. Perform SYSLOAD.
SCH0740 Incorrect option for chosen route type.
SCH0741 RLR, RLM trunk types must be digitone.
SCH0742 Agent ID out-of-range.
SCH0743 Extended ACD package not equipped.
SCH0744 Invalid date.
SCH0745 Telephone must be declared as ACD supervisor.
SCH0746 Insufficient parameters given.
SCH0747 Agent DN does not exist.
SCH0748 Cannot supervise a telephone declared as a supervisor.
SCH0749 Key data for ACD key cannot be found for DN specified.
SCH0750 Agent already has a supervisor.
SCH0751 ACD package is not equipped.
SCH0752 Key zero cannot be used for this function.
SCH0753 TN specified must be an ACD set.
SCH0754 ACD DN must be given.
SCH0755 ACD DN given is not defined.
SCH0756 Queue for the ACD DN given is full.
SCH0757 Logical Unit not assigned as an ACD device.
SCH0758 ACD data for specified ACD DN cannot be found.
SCH0759 Digit display package must be equipped.
SCH0760 Display Class of Service must be specified.
SCH0761 Key function not valid on ACD supervisor position.
SCH0762 Associated DWC key must be previously defined.
SCH0763 Another supervisor position has ENI key for specified ACD-DN.
SCH0764 Threshold value is out-of-range (0-2047).
SCH0765 Valid response to this prompt is YES or NO.
SCH0766 Specified route number already exists and is not of the appropriate type.
SCH0767 Supervisor’s AGT key must be removed before removing agent.
SCH0768 No ACD devices assigned.
SCH0769 Specified ACD device already assigned (to another customer).
SCH0770 TGAR value is out-of-range (0-15).
SCH0771 COS value is invalid.
SCH0772 Wrong number of parameters given.
SCH0773 Error in the DISA LIST connections.
SCH0774 Incorrect value for TYPE (DIS, AUB, AUT allowed).
SCH0775 DISA package not equipped.
SCH0776 Authcode package not equipped.
SCH0777 Password given is not correct.
SCH0778 DN does not exist.
SCH0779 DN already exists.
SCH0780 DN conflicts with an existing DN.
SCH0781 DN is required. Response must be given.
SCH0782 DN exists but is not a DISA DN.
SCH0783 The security code is out-of-range (0-8 digits).
SCH0784 The auth data block already exists for this customer.
SCH0785 The auth data block for this customer is not yet defined.
SCH0786 Authcode length must be specified.
SCH0787 Authcode length is out-of-range (0-14).
SCH0788 Maximum Authcodes must be specified.
SCH0789 Maximum Authcodes is out-of-range (0-4096).
SCH0790 Unable to match input with stored mnemonics.
SCH0791 out-of-range (0-15).
SCH0792 Auth data block cannot be removed if the table is not empty.
SCH0793 No DISA DNs are defined for this customer.
SCH0794 Authcode already exists.
SCH0795 Auth table is full.
SCH0796 Length of Authcode must match specified length.
SCH0797 Authcode does not exist.
SCH0798 Authcodes entered do not match those defined in Code and Customer blocks. Not enough digits in Authcode.
SCH0799 MAX cannot be reduced below number of existing codes.
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