Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH0400 - 0499

SCH0400 Wrong number of input fields for prompt SPRE.
SCH0401 Directory number already exists.
SCH0402 Directory number conflicts with existing number.
SCH0403 Wrong number of parameters.
SCH0404 Wrong number of parameters.
SCH0405 Wrong parameter type.
SCH0406 Ran route (or trunk) does not exist.
SCH0407 Wrong number of parameters.
SCH0408 Wrong number of parameters.
SCH0409 Parameter out-of-range (0-30).
SCH0410 Not equipped for RAN.
SCH0411 Unable to match input field with stored mnemonics.
SCH0412 Unable to match input with stored mnemonics.
SCH0413 Wrong number of input fields.
SCH0414 Input out-of-range (0-99).
SCH0416 Wrong number of input fields.
SCH0417 Illegal input number.
SCH0418 Illegal input number.
SCH0419 Wrong number of parameters.
SCH0420 Incorrect number of input fields.
SCH0421 Timer out-of-range.
SCH0422 Wrong number of parameters.
Action: Input expects one parameter.
SCH0423 Unable to match input field with stored mnemonics.
SCH0424 Wrong number of parameters, or an entry is required.
SCH0425 Unable to match input field with stored mnemonics.
SCH0426 Wrong number of parameters.
SCH0427 Parameters out-of-range (0-7) or (0-15).
SCH0428 This port is not a CDR device.
Action: LD 17 should be used to define the proper device.
SCH0429 Illegal number of digits.
SCH0430 Invalid directory number entered for ACD NCFW or IFDN.
Action: Try another DN.
SCH0431 ICI appearance out-of-range (0-9 or 0-19).
SCH0432 Invalid ICI keyword.
SCH0433 CAT is out-of-range (0-99).
SCH0434 ID is out-of-range (0-9).
SCH0435 Not equipped for ANI.
SCH0436 Wrong number of parameters.
SCH0437 Unable to identify parameter to given prompt.
SCH0438 M3C allowed only if signaling is NT5.
SCH0439 ICOG not valid for this trunk type.
SCH0440 Wrong number of input fields for prompt LSNO.
SCH0441 List number out-of-range, or the number of speed call lists is out-of-range. Prior to Release 17 the range is 0-253. With Release 17 and later, the range is 0-8191.
SCH0442 List number already exists.
SCH0443 List does not exist.
SCH0444 Route number for ICI does not exist, or route contains no members.
SCH0445 The group member number is out-of-range.
Action: Enter 0-5 for Option 11. Enter 0-19 for all other machines.
SCH0446 DN size is out-of-range (4-31).
SCH0447 Wrong number of input fields for prompt DNSZ.
SCH0448 New DN size is smaller than current size.
SCH0449 List cannot be service changed while active, try later.
SCH0450 Wrong number of input fields for prompt SIZE.
SCH0451 Speed call list size illegal (1-1000).
SCH0452 List size is too long for given DN size.
SCH0453 New list size is smaller than current size.
SCH0454 Customer list for group n does not exist.
SCH0455 Group is not defined.
SCH0456 Group already exists.
SCH0457 Wrong number of input fields for GRNO.
SCH0458 Group number out-of-range (0-63).
SCH0459 Group member does not exist.
SCH0460 Wrong number of fields in input.
SCH0461 Key number out-of-range (0-size).
SCH0462 Too many digits in input field (max 15).
SCH0463 Attempted to enter a RAN route that was not previously defined as AWR in the AUX_CUST_DATA_BLOCK.
SCH0464 RAN or Conference loop cannot be removed or changed while Wake Up calls are in progress.
SCH0465 Wrong number in input field for AWU.
SCH0466 Unable to match input with stored mnemonics (YES/NO, {CR}, X).
SCH0467 RANF and RAN1 must be defined for all cases.
Action: RAN2 must be defined if R2BN is different from R2ED.
SCH0468 Attempted to remove a nonexistent AUX_CUST_BLK.
SCH0469 Second RAN hr/min value out-of-range.
SCH0470 Wrong number of fields for 2nd RAN (begin or end).
SCH0471 Station type conflicts with existing card.
SCH0472 Terminal already exists.
SCH0473 SL-1 telephones cannot be moved between loops.
SCH0474 Sets cannot be moved between loops.
SCH0475 Trunk units cannot be moved between loops.
SCH0476 Cannot move a unit from one loop to another.
SCH0477 Both values must be given.
SCH0478 Lower value must not exceed upper value.
SCH0479 Flash timer must be less than PBX_DISC_TO.
SCH0480 Timer value out-of-range (45-768).
SCH0481 Route number out-of-range (0-31).
SCH0482 Route data block already exists.
SCH0483 Code restriction block does not exist.
SCH0484 Code restriction block already exists.
SCH0485 No ROA is provided on this RICI key.
SCH0486 Wrong number of input fields for prompt PHDT.
SCH0487 Input field is out-of-range.
SCH0488 ROA package not equipped.
SCH0489 Second RAN time out-of-range (0-2044).
SCH0490 Wrong number of input fields for prompt TOCU.
SCH0492 Customer data block already exists.
SCH0493 Customer number out-of-range.
SCH0494 NFCR tree already exists.
SCH0495 Null not allowed for NFCR tree number except for PRT.
SCH0496 NFCR tree number is outside range (above MAXT).
SCH0497 NFCR cannot be active for RLS.
SCH0498 Entered digit too large for NFCR count field.
SCH0499 Another parameter expected for FRL/CRCS prompt.

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