Mike's PBX Cookbook

ERR4500 - 4599

ERR4500 GPT Integrated Digital Access ERR: {x x x x x} The format of the message is ERR4500 xxxx, where xxxx is as follows:
300 d -A message has been received from DTSL/DDSL d that is either unequipped or disabled.
311 d - Message length of zero read from DTSL d — suspect faulty pack.
312 d - Message length exceeding 63 bytes read from DTSL d.
313 d - DTSL d is not responding.
314 d - Status register of DTSL d is not accessible.
315 d - Data register of DTSL d is not accessible.
330 d - Message output to DTSL/DDSL d has failed.
333 d - Invalid interrupt 401 d - Message length of less than 3 bytes has been received from DTSL/DDSL d.
402 d l c - Message received on unconfigured channel c, loop l, and DTSL/DDSL d.
403 d tn - Flow control encountered on DTSL/DDSL d. tn gives packed TN of the channel.
ERR4501 Received a PRA message with an unsupported service identifier.
ERR4502 Service discriminator is not supported by ISDN.
ERR4503 Message is ping-pong between 2 nodes.
ERR4506 Facility reject received. Data: Orig PNI, Orig #, Dest PNI, Dest #, Reason. The values for "Reason" are:
0 = no transmission address of such nature
1 = no transmission address for this specific address
2 = application congestion
3 = application failure
4 = unequipped application
5 = network failure
6 = network congestion
ERR4507 c s Missing PNI number in the customer data block. Where: c = customer, s = service ID.
ERR4508 Received bad facility I.E.
ERR4509 s PNI missing in RDB, where: s = Service ID.
ERR4510 ROSE component sent is being rejected.
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