Mike's PBX Cookbook

ERR3000 - 3099

ERR3000 x The buffer is not empty. Count for APL link x exceeded the system limit. The SDI card may have hardware problem.
Action: Disable the TTY and start IOD program to test out the TTY.
ERR3001 x APL link x is down due to transmission problems. The problem can be TTY hardware problem, transmission line problem or AUX processor problem.
ERR3002 x The number of NAK messages within last 30 min exceeded the system-defined limit of 10. APL link x may have transmission problem. This APL link has an occasional hit on the line.
Action: Check the transmission facility for foreign noise introduced to this link.
ERR3003 Remove_Apl_OQ. Message CR is not in QU_APL_OP queue.
ERR3004 x The number of times the link has no acknowledge signal sent from the other side exceeds the system limit of 10. APL link x may have a transmission problem. This APL link has occasional hit on the line.
Action: Check the transmission facility for foreign noise introduced to this link.
ERR3007 Special Common Carrier (SCC) data table is required and is not found.
ERR3010 dn The DN sent from the AUX, in Message 7 is invalid for Message Waiting Indication. The AUX DN may be invalid.
ERR3011 ltn An invalid LTN was found. The LTN table may be wrong.
ERR3012 Bad APL range (0-15).
ERR3013 APL shared by another user.
ERR3014 APL not defined in customer data block.
ERR3015 Warning: some UST user may have some problem.
ERR3016 Bad telmsg timer range (2-15).
ERR3017 No to mwc not allowed, IMS defined.
ERR3018 Change CMS from yes to no, or vice versa.
ERR3030 Member in DND group does not exist.
ERR3032 Transfer blocked due to unavailable matching timeslots.
ERR3033 c p A Q-record is discarded because the target CTY port p for customer c is under maintenance testing.
ERR3035 Test line type/index out-of-range.
ERR3036 r s j ts Continuity failure has occurred on assigning timeslots for speech paths. First attempt failed; tries to get new path.
Parameters are:
r = receive loop
s = send loop
j = junctor used to transmit to the RRR loop ID
ts = timeslot used on transmit loop to send PCM data to the receive loop
ERR3036 and ERR3037 messages refer to one-way connections so that if both one-way connections fail, either message may print out twice.
ERR3036 also occurs if a loop on the QPC414 Network card is not configured. This is not an error condition. To prevent ERR3036 occurring in this case, define the loop in LD 17.
ERR3037 r s j ts Same as ERR3036 but failed on second attempt; path is assigned anyway.
ERR3038 dn Invalid or nonexisting intra-flow DN.
ERR3039 Process IDs do not match in AUX_KEYS. This could be due to the AUX equipment not having a Directory Number assigned at the time of an incoming call to that equipment.
ERR3040 Process IDs do not match in operator revert.
ERR3041 The output buffer to the DTI hardware has overflowed.
ERR3042 No IETI.
ERR3044 Bad ITGE data.
ERR3045 Incorrect key function defined for data TN.
ERR3046 Data TN is not defined.
ERR3047 c Loop tn Failure for 500/2500 set Six-Party Conference c.
ERR3050 MWD not allowed if MWK key is equipped.
ERR305 tn TN was force disconnected due to a service change (LD 10, 11 or 14)
ERR3067 The output buffer to the tone detector has overflowed.
ERR3068 x Call Park ID (x) returned which is now invalid, usually the result of a service change or set relocation. The invalid ID is unavailable for use as a Park ID.
ERR3069 Call is to HOT set/key but not to package.
ERR3070 Set/key is EHOT but data is defined.
ERR3071 Either the list number or the entry number for Hot key termination is invalid.
ERR3072 Failure to establish SLP conference
ERR3073 Failure to add tone to SLP conference.
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