Mike's PBX Cookbook

ERR0500 - 0599

ERR0500 dn tn Message Waiting lamps for the set listed have been found faulty by the system (use LD 31 to test lamps).
If messages indicate that:
1. one unit is faulty, suspect lamp of set, unplugged set
2. all units on one pack are faulty, suspect line card
3. all units on one more shelves are faulty, suspect power
ERR0510 The number of digits used for LEC and ANI DN together do not comprise exactly 7 digits when trying to transmit ANI information to a CIS analog/DTI trunk. The least significant digits of the ANI DN will be omitted.
Action: Check LEC prompt in LD 16 and ANI DN used.
ERR0547 c g dn Invalid DN or disallowed Tenant DN for group (g) call for customer c.
Action: Check data for group and correct via service change.
ERR0548 c g Group g for customer c does not exist or is invalid.
Action: Check group data and correct via service change.
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