Mike's PBX Cookbook

ERR0300 - 0399

ERR0300 tn Customer has no Dial Intercom Group (DIG) defined or DIG package does not exist.
Action: Review office data and notify operating company.
ERR0301 tn DIG group does not exist for this terminal number.
Action: Check group number on DIG key for this set.
ERR0302 tn Action: Check group number on DIG key on this set.
ERR0303 tn Originating DIG group is not the same as the terminating group for this key and DN.
Action: Check DIG group for specified TN.
ERR0304 tn Set does not belong to the same customer as the DIG.
Action: Check DIG list for the set.
ERR0305 Invalid tstl linkage.
ERR0306 Customer translation failed.
ERR0307 TNS actv.cr does not point to Call Register (CR).
ERR0319 Bad LLC blocking value found.
ERR0367 Son call register is an orphan, idle it.
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