Mike's PBX Cookbook

ERR0100 - 0199

ERR0100 tn Invalid starting arrangement specified for trunk. Check trunk data and modify start arrangement as required.
ERR0110 tn Invalid protected trunk line data.
Action: Check trunk data and modify as required.
ERR0115 tn Unable to locate route block indicated by trunk data.
Action: Check trunk data: Customer number, Route number.
ERR0120 tn Trunk not released by far-end.
Action: Have trunk checked at central office for release failure.
ERR0130 tn Invalid DN hunting data.
Action: Check that the hunt DN defined for the TN is correct.
ERR0140 tn Invalid off-hook message.
Action: Check the card indicated and the size of the input buffer. Check traffic statistics.
ERR0150 r/c Automatically Identified Outward Dialing (AIOD) route r or customer number c is nonexistent.
Action: Correct ACNO and/or ARNO in trunk route data blocks.
ERR0160 Invalid AIOD station identification. Station ID must be four digits.
Action: Check APRF and AATT in customer data block and ATTK in route data blocks of incoming Tie trunks.
ERR0170 Undefined AIOD output message. Minor alarm lamp lit on attendant console.
AIOD station or trunk identification is missing.
Action: Use LD 36 and set AIOD MSG to display the data. Check ADID in trunk data blocks and AATT in customer data block.
ERR0180 x x rt clock Trunk output buffer overflow. Trunk output buffer may not be large enough.
Action: If the error messages come from the same TN, check for defects on the trunk. If the message persists, notify the operating company.
x x represents reference numbers for the message. These numbers normally do not concern the user.
ERR0181 x y tn rtclock Cannot send MFC/MFE/MFK signalling message.
x y represent the reference number for the message.
tn = terminal number (tn is in all decimals (l s c u))
rtclock is an internal timestamp (.5 ms)
Possible output buffer overflow. Number of PBX output buffers may not be large enough.
Action: If the error messages are from the same tn check the card for problems.
ERR0182 Route type has been changed to ISA.
ERR0183 dnis tn DNIS calls cannot terminate because the IDC Translation is invalid, or the terminating station is not an ACD-DN.
ERR0184 A Global CREF number is needed for any service message.
ERR0185 Invalid maintenance state in the service message.
ERR0186 Change status (i.e., octet 3 error).
ERR0187 Mini-CDR is not supported with DNXP or CDRE.
ERR0190 Overload TN stack overflow.
Action: Correct the overload condition indicated by previous OVD messages.
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