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Vanguard E&M VoIP Tie Trunks

Installation Notes

The following contains information to the successful installation of a VoIP tie circuit through a Vanguard 340E unit and an Option 11C. This information may be modified for use with other PBXs or VoIP tie units.

Tools to pack

Vanguard Overview

Vanguard 340E contains two dual-port voice daughter boards which are software configured for use with E&M modules. The internal board strapping can be checked against the Vanguard documentation for troubleshooting, however, this strapping should already be pre-configured for installation. The cabling consists of power cord with power supply, LAN crossover cable for connection to the VoIP circuit Router, and cat-5 cables with RJ-45 connectors which provide connectivity to the Option 11C. The pins of each RJ-45 port input MUST match the appropriate Option 11C wiring (see Table 1 below), with the exception of Pin 1 which is Signal ground. These pins should be securely connected to the ground bar of the Option 11C using Cat-5 or cross-connect wire, and should NOT be connected to the Option 11C’s board output.

Option 11C E&M Overview

Table 1 - Nortel to Vanguard Connections (E&M, 4-wire, Type 1)

Option 11C
RJ-45 Pins
TA T (Pin 6)
TB R (Pin 5)
RA T1 (Pin 4)
RB R1 (Pin 3)
E E (Pin 2)
M M (Pin 7)
ECSG Ground (Pin 1),
connect to PBX gnd

Basic Process

Troubleshooting – expect to need it!

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