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UDT Factory Reset

Sometimes a Universal Digital Trunk (UDT) card might need to be reset to the default factory state, eg: it has loaded incorrect loadware, and/or has become unusable.

  1. Connect to the front panel TTY port (9600,8n1)
  2. Reseat the UDT card in order to reboot it
  3. On seeing the "UDT boot" message, press 'control-B'
  4. Enter e to erase the updated load file
  5. Enter @ to boot the card from the factory image

The card will reboot from the factory image, and look for new loadware.

*** UDT boot loader 02.04 ***    <--- Press control-B on seeing this line
FPGA 02b5 loaded successfully
Ready to receive Factory load from CS
udt boot 02.04>e
udt boot 02.04>@
There is no updated loadfile in flash memory
Loading factory load 02.17       ..... 10240 Kbytes
Starting loadfile at 0x100000...

While in the UDT boot menu, you can type ? for help:

udt boot 02.04>?
 ?                     - print this list
 j [offs,data]         - write 1 or 2 words to IdProm
 k [offs,len]          - read words from IdProm
 w year, week, string  - write card id and checksum to IdProm
 J [offs,data]         - write 1 or 2 words to CC IdProm
 K                     - read words from CC IdProm
 @                     - boot (load and go)
 $                     - force UPDATED load and go
 #                     - force FACTORY load and go
 e                     - erase UPDATED loadfile
 z                     - backup UPDATED load to FACTORY load
 b                     - blink leds in turn
 d adrs [,len]         - display memory
 m adrs [,size]        - modify memory
 f adrs, nbytes, val [,size] - fill memory
 x                     - print fatal eXception
 v                     - print version information
 boot device: fd 

Always ensure that the CS1000 has the latest version of UDT loadware. UDTCAA42.LW is included in the base Rls 6, 7.0, and 7.5 software images, and should be replaced as it will brick an NTDW79ABE5, requiring a factory reset to revive it.

Run MDP ISSP from LD 143 to check if the system is patched. To patch UDT cards following a loadware upgrade, disable the MSDL in LD 96 and loop in LD 60. Use the following LD 143 UDT firmware upgrade commands:

  • UPGUDT STAT   - Query current UDT card firmware upgrade status.
  • UPGUDT l s c - Perform UDT card firmware upgrade on [loop shelf card]
  • UPGUDT ABORT - Abort UDT card firmware upgrade.
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