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MIRAN - Change the Music 2

This procedure shows how to use Audacity to convert audio files for Miran.
Audacity is free software, available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

First, obtain some nice, royalty-free, music (more difficult than you might think!). Convert it. Then copy it to the Miran, and select it.
Files must be mono, 8Khz, RAW (headerless) A-law (.ALW) or μ-law (.ULW) depending on the Miran. Filenames must be 8.3 format.


Open Audacity, and open the music file: File ➤ Open

First thing to do is to convert it to mono: Tracks ➤ Stereo Track to Mono

Audacity: Stereo to Mono

Next, re-sample at 8Khz: Tracks ➤ Resample...

Audacity: Resample

Enter 8000, and click OK

Audacity: New Sample Rate

Export the audio: File ➤ Export Audio...

Audacity: Export Audio

In the Save: Export Audio window, select the following:

Audacity: Export Audio Settings

Click Save

Ignore the warning (which only appears if you specify a ULW file extension), and click Yes to save.

Copy the .ULW file(s) to a compact flash card, and place the card in the Miran card face plate (drive A:).


Log into the Miran Card, via serial or telnet.

Username: admin
Password: admin000

It's not a good idea to play music from the A: drive. If the flash card is removed, you'll lose your hold-music.

From the main menu, choose: 2. Pack Administration ➤ 1. File Commands
Move (or copy) files to the internal drive C: as required.

Miran: File Commands

From the main menu, choose: 1. MIRAN Administration ➤ 1. Announcement Configuration ➤ 1. Calendar Operations
To play the music, it must be assigned to a channel and calendar. The channel is always 0 for hold music.

Miran: Calendar Operations

Choose: 2. Calendar Assignment

  1. Enter 0 for the channel (hold music)
  2. Select the desired filename (ideally copied on drive C:)
  3. Enter * in the date and time fields to indicate 24/7.
  4. Select Add to Calendar, and press enter.

Miran: Calendar Assignment

Dial the hold music access code (ACOD) and confirm the new music source is heard.

End of procedure!

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