Mike's PBX Cookbook

Upgrading MGC/MGX LW

Problem Clarification

When adding a new MGC/MGXpec to a CS1000E PBX system, the card boots up and attempts an upgrade its loadware.
Once it starts, it fails with the following error:

SRPT063 IPMG 0 0: Failed to retrieve [/u/ipmg/mgc/dnldlist.rec] in 3 tries.Upgrade failed.


File mgcinfo.rec/dnldlist.rec cannot be transferred from Call Server to MGC. Problem due to "secure transfer" mode.


1 Unreg CS and MGC from UCM Security domain...

LD 117:
=> unreg u d 172.xx.xxx.xx

2 Disable secure transfer...

LD 117:
=> dis transfers secure

3 Upgrade the loadware through LD 143...

LD 143:
.upgmg all seq

4 Reregister the MGC/CS to security domain...

LD 117:
=> enl transfers sec
=> reg u d 10.10.xxx.xx
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