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Music on Hold/Delay

The music Package supports Music-on-Hold and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Music-on-Delay. Music is provided by a dedicated music trunk by means of the conference circuit.

The music trunk TN must be within the same network group as the conference circuit to which it is assigned. Music is not supplied across groups, thus one music trunk (per customer) must be located in each network group requiring music. A single conference loop with one music trunk can support upto 29 simultaneous listeners.

A music source (eg, CD player) is connected to a Universal trunk card TN with one pair. One solution is to use the CD player in a PC: connect the front panel 3.5mm audio output jack to the trunk TN. Launch CD-player, and select 'continuous play'. As this requires no processor time, the PC can still be used for other things, such as collecting call records or administration. Note the 3.5mm jack ring is ground, not the tip.

Nortel recommends that to minimize blocking of the music conference, at least two conference loops should be assigned in each network group requiring music: one for music, the other for conference. The higher loop number should not be assigned to music.

Music on Hold

Allows incoming calls placed on hold to receive music. Music is provided only if the trunk route is defined to receive music. The trunks selected to receive music are provided with a listen only path to a music conference connection. When a call is held, the system looks for a network path to provide the music. If one is not found, no music is heard.

Music on Delay

Music on Delay presents a listen only path to a music source for calls waiting in ACD queues. Music on Delay sources are identified separately for each ACD DN.


Steps are:

  1. LD 17 - define a conference loop (skip if not new)
  2. LD 16 - make a route for music, and assign an access code (useful for testing source)
  3. LD 14 - add the music source trunk TN to this route, and connect the source to the trunk
  4. LD 16 - enable music on hold for desired routes (optional)
  5. LD 23 - enable music on delay for desired ACD queues (optional)

LD 17 - Add or change conference loops for Music on Hold

This step can probably be omitted if a TDS/Conf card is already installed, although Nortel recommends installing a dedicated Conference loop for music to prevent blocking.

TYPECFNConfiguration record
- XCT0-158Loop number for NT8D17 - enter even number for the TDS
- CONF0-158the conference card is assigned the odd number

LD 16 - Add or change a music route

TYPERDBRoute data block
CUST0-99Customer number
TKTPMUSMusic route
ICOGOGTOutgoing route only
ACODxxxxTrunk route access code

LD 14 - Add or change a music trunk

TYPEMUSMusic trunk
TNl s c uTerminal number where the analog music source is connected
CUST0-99Customer number
RTMBxxx yyyRoute number and member number - member will be 1
CFLP0-158Conference loop* assigned to music in LD17

* Note: an odd number! With a TDS/Conf card in slot 0 (Loop 0) this will be 1.
With a music source connected, test it by dialing the trunk route access code (defined in LD 16).

LD 16 - Enable/diable Music on Hold for trunk routes

TYPERDBRoute data block
CUST0-99Customer number
ROUT0-511Route number
MUS(NO) YESMusic on Hold for this route
MRTxxxMusic route number

LD 23 - Enable/diable Music on Delay for ACD DN's

REQNEW, CHGAdd, or change
TYPEACDUpdate the ACD data block
CUST0-99Customer number
MURTX, 0-511Music route number - X to remove
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