Mike's PBX Cookbook

MAS Deployment

1. Install Linux Base.

2. Add the Linux Base to Primary UCM.

3. Go to: UCM > Software deployment.

4. Make sure the MAS element in present in the Elements list.

5. Upload the appropriate MAS LOAD (the .nai file)

6. After Upload go to Deployment View and Select Network Services from the drop down and then select MAS from the left side drop down. Then click on ADD.

NOTE: MAS Deployment requires a keycode from Avaya, which is derived from the site ID and the MAS server's ELAN port MAC address. To find the MAS server MAC address (OS X or Windows):
> ping <ELAN_IP>
> arp -a

The MAC address is listed adjacent to the corresponding IP address.

7. Provide an appropriate name to the group.

8. Click Next and select the appropriate server from the down.

9. Next, you will be taken to the network services page. Make sure the Group and MAS server are shown on the webpage.

10. Next, move to Servers view and then select the radio button of the MAS server and click commit. Select deploy from the deployment actions

11. After the Deployment is done. Deployment successful will be shown on the screen.
(In case of any issues with Deployment, check /var/log/nortel/mgmt/depMgr.log or server.log )

12. Check the Deployment summary to confirm the same.

13. Next, go to UCM network services and then try to surf through to the MAS EM.
(Note: For SMGR there is a known issue of MAS EM page not opening. Refer to SOLN149387 & SOLN152952)

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