Mike's PBX Cookbook

CDR Programming

1 LD 17 – Configure CDR in Configuration Record

a) Configure a TTY port:

NEW TTY x- Configure a new port (where: x is the port number)
CHG TTY x- Change existing port (where: x is the port number)

b) Use New Format CDR output:


c) Enable CDR output of CLID information.


Note: TTY Ports are enabled in LD 37: STAT TTY, ENL TTY x

2 LD 15 –- Configure CDR in Customer Data Block

a) Enable Time to Answer and Abandoned Calls records:


b) Enable Call Detail Recording for Customer:

PORT - Enter the TTY port number

3 LD 16 – Configure CDR in Route Data Block

Configure CDR options on each route as required:

CDR YES- Gateopener: YES to set and change CDR options for this route
INC YES- CDR output for all incoming calls
LAST YES- The terminating ID field in the CDR record will contain the last party
TTA YES- Time to Answer information output
ABAN YES- Abandoned call records output
QREC NO- Initial connection (Q) record output for incoming ACD calls
OAL YES- CDR output for all outgoing calls
AIA YES- Enable Answered call Identification Allowed
OAN YES- CDR output for answered outgoing calls only
OPD YES- Out-pulsed digits output in CDR

4 Optional: Not normally used

LD 10/LD11/LD12 – Configure CDR for Telephone Types
Internal Call Detail Recording and abandoned call record and time to answer have to be enabled on a per-set basis.

CLS (CDMD) CDMA- LD 10/11 - Call Detail Monitoring Denied/Allowed. If allowed, a D record is output regardless
ICDR (ICDD) ICDA- LD 12 - Internal Call Detail Recording (denied)

5 Sample CDR Output - Nortel Meridian Standard (3 line)

Nortel Meridian Standard 3 line CDR

Sample Notes:
Record 021 shows an inbound call to extension 5571 with a CLID of 2385256.
Record 022 shows an outbound call from extension 5571 to 2271643 where 7001 is the Route Access Code.

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