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USB boot drive for 7.6

How to make a bootable USB thumb drive for Release 7.6, to re-load a CPDC.

Use the following steps to partition a USB thumb drive in Windows, make the drive bootable, and copy the Release 7.6 Linux installation software to it. You will need a copy of the Avaya software load zip file for your platform type (eg, CPDC) to hand.

Prepare a USB drive

Launch the Disk Management program: Start ➤ Run ➤ diskmgnt.msc.

Right click in the USB drive (here F:) portion that says unallocated, and select "New Partition..."

Run diskmgnt.msc

The Partition Wizard will open, continue to choose all defaults...

Create a new partition

Next, next, next...

New Partition Wizard -1

Again, next...

New Partition Wizard -2

And again, next...

New Partition Wizard -3

Ok, we don't care!

New Partition Wizard -5


New Partition Wizard -5

And finally, finish...

New Partition Wizard -6

The Wizard creates the drive, formats it, says it's healthy, and completes!
Now we have a nice new drive F: which now needs to be made bootable, and have the installation files copied to it.

New Volume

Make it bootable

Use the following steps to make the drive bootable, then copy the software to it:

1Download the Avaya software load zip file for your release and platform type (CPPM/CPMG/CPDC) to a folder on your PC.

2Extract all the files to a temporary folder. You will see 7 folders under the root directory, as follows:


3Open the utilities folder, and double click on the mkbootrmd.bat file. This script will:

About the utility:

4When the mkbootrmd.bat script is finished, copy/paste all of the folders (shown above) to the USB drive.

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