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Modem setup for Meridian 1

To Allow Remote Access

This Procedure is for the US Robotics Sportster family of fax / modems. It has been tested with the 9600, 14400, 28800 and 33600 baud models. These commands will most likely work on other makes of modems but verify the commands and switch settings with the modem documentation before performing this setup procedure.

  1. Set all switches at the rear of the modem to the down position.
  2. Verify that the power switch is off.
  3. Connect the modem to a PC or TTY com port using the appropriate RS232 cable.
  4. Connect the power transformer to the modem and turn on the modem power.
  5. If using a TTY, Go to step 9. If using a PC, Go to step 6.
  6. From the Windows 95 / 98 Start Menu, Programs, Accessories, select HyperTerminal.
  7. Select the icon called Hyperterm and Setup a new connection.
  8. Setup the new connection to the com port that the modem is plugged into. Use the defaults that HyperTerminal provides but set the baud rate to the speed that the modem will use when connected to the Meridian 1.
  9. Using either upper case or lower case (not both) type AT and press ENTER. The modem should respond with OK.
  10. Notes:
    1. You must access the modem at the same baud rate that the modem will be programmed for in step 11.
    2. If there is no response from the modem, check all connections and modem power and try again. If there is still no response, type ATE1 And press enter. This allows the typed words to echo to the screen.

  11. Type AT&F and press ENTER. This sets the modem to factory configuration.
  12. Type AT&FE0Q1&C1&D0&K0&M0&N6TS0=1&W and press ENTER.
  13. Note: To use a different baud rate, replace the &N6 with the required baud rate shown in Modem AT commands, next page.

  14. Turn off the modem and disconnect the power and RS232 cable.
  15. Set the switches at the back of the modem to 5 & 8 up, all others down.
  16. Connect the modem to a Meridian 1 SDI port and a line. Make a test call. Be sure that the SDI port is optioned   for the same baud rate that the modem was programmed with.

Modem AT commands

The following are industry standard commands, and will likely work on most modems - however, verify the commands with the modem documentation before performing the modem setup procedure. Precede commands with AT (or at) for "attention!".

ATAttention (precedes all other commands)
I4Print current configuration
&FLoad factory settings into ROM
DDial number and connect
E0Local echo off (1=on)
H0Hang-up (1=go off-hook)
Q0Display result codes (1=suppress)
&C1Carrier detect
&D0Data terminal ready
&K0Data Compression: Disabled
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