Mike's PBX Cookbook

Set Gateway IP, Date and Time

How to set the IP address, and date and time, on rack mounted Intuition 1000 Gateways

Default IP addresses:
  • IP:
  • Subnet:
  • Gateway:
Default Login details:
  • Username: engineer
  • Password: dpEn9in3er

Engineering Menu

IP Address Menu

Operator Gateway Menu

OG Status

1Open a console session:

2Press Enter to bring up the localhost login prompt...

Enter the username and password: the Engineering Menu appears.

3Select option 4 to Set IP Addresses:

From the IP Address Menu, enter the IP address, Subnet and Gateway by selecting each option in turn.
(A Gateway address is only required when crossing subnets). Press S to save changes. Press 0 to exit.

4Select option 2 to Set Date and Time:

Enter the date and time in the format of YY-MM-DD hh:mm, and press Enter.
Optional. The date and time is used only to time stamp the server log files.

5Select option 9 to check gateway Status:

The Operator Gateway Menu opens, select option 1 to View Status.
The OG status window opens: status should be Responding and Connected.

6Press 0 to exit.

Remember to replace the internal keyboard cable if you removed it earlier.
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