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CSV Data Import Tool

Importing contact information to database, for XP or Windows 7

  1. Open the database configuration tool, c:\Program Files\Mettoni\Intuition 1000\DBImport.exe

  2. Login using 'Administrator' credentials, the 'Database Import' window appears

  3. The 'DB Info' tab will automatically be selected, 'Destination database' should be 'Intuition', 'Import Type' should be 'Import People' and 'Template' can be blank, or if you have a template saved, select from the drop down box

  4. For 'Source', click the down arrow to and select the .csv file that contains the contact information and click 'Open'

  5. The file name should now show up in the 'Source' field

  6. Click the 'Configuration' tab to match up the .csv fields with the database fields for the import

  7. For each entry in the 'CSV Field' column, double click on the corresponding field under the 'Database Field' Column and select the appropriate database field. (ex, MOBILE NUMBER is a field in the .csv file and would be matched with the MOBILE field fin the database.)

  8. Once finished matching configuring fields, click the 'Person Identification' tab

  9. Select the check box next to 'LASTNAME', 'FIRSTNAME', and 'EXTENSION', this allows for the database to make sure it is properly matching fields

  10. We will skip the 'Partly Update' tab, it is only used updating individual fields

  11. Select the 'Options' tab and select the check boxes for 'Skip first line in source file' (if labels were used for the spreadsheet columns) and 'Do not delete any persons in the database'

  12. Click on the 'Import Result' tab, this tab displays the progress and notes regarding your import

  13. You are ready to run the import, go to the 'Import' menu, at the top of the screen and select 'Run Import'

  14. Earlier, in the 'DB Info' tab, there was a 'Template' field, templates save all the settings you have configured in all of the tabs. If you made changes to the .csv file entries and would like to import again, you can apply the template to match all of the tab settings from the 'Database Import' window, to save the template, go to the 'File' menu, select 'Template', then save the file to your computer

  15. You may now close the 'Database Import' window
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