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NTDK16BA - 48 Port Digital Line Card

The NTDK16 is a 48 port card supported only in the Chassis system (11C mini or CS1000e). It is functionally equivalent to three 16 port NT8D02's, and configured as cards 4, 5, and 6 in the main chassis. There are 3 status LED's, one for each equivalent NT8D02 (L4, L5, L6).

The NTDK16 Digital Line Card (DLC) can only be installed in slot 4 of the main chassis which is keyed to prevent accidental insertion of other cards (the chassis does not have physical slots 5 and 6). Circuits are presented on 2 Amphenol connectors, each with 24 ports.

NTDK16 in Slot 4 CS1000e Rear View NTDK16 Faceplate
NTDK16 in Slot 4Chassis Rear ViewFaceplate

Note: The NTDK16AA 48 port card is similar, but has just one faceplate LED. This LED shows the status of Card 4 only.

Amphenol pinout:

There is half a card 6 (8 TN's) on each 'Card 4/6' and 'Card 5/6' amphenol. The punch-down BIX label is as follows:

Card 4 / Card 6 - 0 to 7
Card 5 / Card 6 - 8 to 15

Each circuit can service loops up to 1000 meter (3500 ft). in length when using 24-gauge wire.

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