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Faulty Base Function Tray

Some BCM200 and BCM400 system Base Funtion Trays were manufactured with faulty capacitors (in a green casing) which can bulge and/or leak causing a failure. Nortel issued a Product Advisory (ID 2005006321) for BFT replacement of affected systems.

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When a Base Funtion Tray (BFT) is exchanged, the Media Services Card (MSC) should be moved to the replacement BFT. Otherwise system programming will be lost. The BCM will default back to 3 digit, 221 starting DN, if customer data is corrupt.

Product Codes affected as follows:

NA BCM 3.0 BCM400, StandardNT7B10AADHA0898618
NA BCM 3.0 BCM400, RedundancyNT7B10AADJA0898620
Int'l BCM 3.0 BCM400, StandardNT7B10AADPA0899811
Int'l BCM 3.0 BCM400, RedundancyNT7B10AADQA0899812
NA BCM 3.0 BCM 200, StandardNT7B10AADTA0990913
Int'l BCM 3.0 BCM200, StandardNT7B10AADUA0990914
NA BCM 3.5 BCM400, StandardNT7B10AAEDA0510880
NA BCM 3.5 BCM400, RedundancyNT7B10AAEEA0510881
Int'l BCM 3.5 BCM400, StandardNT7B10AAEFA0511056
Int'l BCM 3.5 BCM400, RedundancyNT7B10AAEGA0511057
NA BCM 3.5 BCM200, StandardNT7B10AAEHA0510882
Int'l BCM 3.5 BCM200, StandardNT7B10AAEJA0510883
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