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BCM-CallBill Installation Guide

The BCM is configured to FTP-PUSH the CDR data file to a dedicated folder on the CallBill server on a daily schedule. The CallBill Record Processor is configured to take the raw data from the dedicated folder and process the call data to the databases for reporting purposes. The Record Processor processing schedule is timed to take place after the FTP-PUSH schedule has completed.

CallBill Server:

  1. Create a sub-folder in the CallBill folder for BCM files (c:\callbill\BCM folder).
    If more than one BCM switch create a sub folder for each BCM switch (c:\callbill\BCM Folder\Site1).
  2. Activate MS Windows FTP service or third party FTP application on the CallBill server (PC).
  3. Create a virtual FTP directory called CallBill.
  4. Set the local path for this virtual directory to the BCM folder created earlier.
  5. Grant Write rights to this folder.
  6. Depending on security requirements the FTP access can be configured to use username/password control, otherwise the BCM can use the FTP ‘anonymous’ log-in account.

BCM Configuration:

1)    CDR Summary Parameters.

2)    Report Parameters.

3)    Report Options.

4)    Data File Transfer Options.

CallBill Record Processor:

File/Site window.

1)    Top of window

2)    General tab

File/Schedules Window.

Ensure that the schedule for the BCM site is set to run later than the BCM FTP-PUSH schedule time.

BCM folder maintenance:

The BCM can push non-required files to the ‘c:\callbill\BCM folder’ folder depending on the BCM build, e.g. voice mail reports. CallBill does not purge these record files. The files should be periodically deleted manually or a windows batch file can be run by schedule to automatically delete.

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