Mike's PBX Cookbook

BCM First Time Installation Guide

Using the QuickStart Wizard
The Quickstart Wizard provides access to the initial BCM configuration parameters. You access it using a web browser running on another computer. A computer or laptop with either Netscape or Internet Explorer 5.X (excluding 5.0) and an Ethernet interface is required. Java must be enabled, and page caching disabled (advanced settings).

Default BCM IP address's:
Subnet Mask
Default BCM User info:
Username ee_admin
Password PlsChgMe!

The PC (or laptop) must be manually set to a similar network address as the BCM, such as
Set this in: Network Settings > TCP/IP properties.

Note: Run the wizard the first time to initialize the system, afterwards go into "Configure".

Programming wise, the BCM behaves pretty much like a Norstar with a RAD. Refer to the supplied documentation for further information.

The Installation Guide *is hiding* on the supplied CD! Go to the "NA English" folder, then "ENG Files" folder, then open the PDF file "NAEng_1.pdf". Choose "System Installation" then "Installation and maintenance guides".

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