Mike's PBX Cookbook

Find/Set BCM IP Address

How to find (and change) the system IP address details on a BCM 4.0, 50 or 450.

Find a M7310 / 7324 programming terminal which is connected to the BCM.
Press the Nortel / Feature key followed by 9*8.

The display will show...
User ID:_

Enter the Nortel default telset ID: setnna, or 738662.
Enter the default password: config or 266344.

If it's successful, then the display will change to...
Feature Codes
Press OK to display the System ID...

Write down the SID, in case you need to get Keycodes!. Then press BACK.

This time at Feature Codes, press NEXT twice to get to the IP Address menu.

Press OK. Display shows...
IP Address
Display shows...
Press IP. Display shows...

To change the IP address...

Press CHNGE, enter the new IP address. Use "*" as the "."
Next, the display will show Subnet Mask. The current setting will be displayed after a few seconds.

Display shows...

Press NEXT or CHNGE as required.

The display will show Default Gateway.
The current setting will be displayed a few seconds.

Press NEXT or CHNGE as required, and cycle back to IP Address.
If you have made any changes, then you will get a message Restart Required, followed by:

Restart Now?
Press YES to get another message:
Are You Sure?

Press the YES button, the display will change to Restarting...

Any active calls will be lost. The time & date display will appear shorty.
Wait for a good 5 minutes before trying to ping the BCM system.

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