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BCM 400 Re-image Guide

BCM 400 3.X Image Installation Guide

In order to successfully complete this task, you will need access to the AVAYA Keycode Retrieval System (KRS) to use the BIT reimage tool, and to license the system after process is complete.

If you already have or need to replace the Media Services Card (MSC), follow guidance in the Business Communications Manager (MSC FRU) Replacement Process guide. This guide contains additional information about this system and imaging machine.

  1. If possible, back up all customer data and configuration data on system

  2. Connect an internal or external USB CD drive to reimage BCM
    1. Insert Bit Image Tool CD and boot BCM
    2. Enter options until arriving at ‘Unlock’ screen. Use AVAYA key database to retrieve Access code using the Unique ID shown on the Unlock screen
    3. At “retry” prompt load first image disk and continue in order at prompts until complete.
      *With an internal drive, this process will take approximately 25 minutes. An external USB drive will take substantially longer at approximately 60 minutes*

  3. Once all disks are loaded and system reboots, use serial connection to connect to front plate of BCM. Use VT100 settings on HyperTerminal and login with the following:
    User Name: ee_admin
    Domain: *leave blank*
    Password: PlsChgMe!

  4. Initialize system:
    1. Select option 1: Platform Initialization Menu
    2. Select option 2: MSC Upload Menu
    3. Choose region (Global)
    4. Select option 1: Initialize Menu
    5. Select option 2: Set service startup to auto
    6. Go to main Menu and select option 8 to restart system (confirm by typing ‘R’ at prompt)

  5. Open Apache Fix patching tool *You cannot connect to web interface until complete*
    1. Open Apache fix
    2. Enter (BCM default IP address for LAN port 1)
    3. Enter user login and password information from step 3
    4. After complete, select OK and then X out of program window

  6. Install all patches to system using Nortel Patch Support Wizard. If asked to view read me files, select NO

  7. Type into Internet explorer address bar and submit with enter key
    1. Accept certificate at prompt
    2. When menu opens select option: Setup and Management Wizards
    3. Select Yes or Always *May not run on newer versions of Java*
    4. Enter user id and password from step 3
    5. Select Quick Start and populate data

  8. You can now, restore all customer and configuration data using Backup and Restore Utility (BRU) located on the Business Communications Manager start page (

End of procedure

Time to complete procedure from reimaging to Apache fix tool application is approximately 40 minutes. Time to patch system will vary depending on patches available at time of loading. Total time as tested through to patch completion is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

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